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Khyte ([personal profile] khyte) wrote2011-02-05 10:33 am

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Once again I have skipped many days of playing because I have been lazy.
Recap time!

- Nyxondra is now level 85!
- it took me so goddamn long because I could not STAND that retarded snuffling the worgens do when they stand around too long. For serious, its the same nose my dog makes just before he's going to vomit.

- so Nyx is now a Dwarf.

- which also got OMG BRB Icecream Truck [ Alliance Slayer ], seeing as I was killing her on Nas
- killing her in Halaa
- I get both honor and Halaa battle tokens for that.
- I consider this a good cause
- (it took 7 deaths for me to remember to take Nyx's armor off...)

- what else...?
- Raz is still parked in UC, Ovan in org, Khyte in Agmar's Hammer...
- oh right!
- Vyragosa!

- partied Vyra and Nas up, and dragged her through RFC. Taking her to WC right now, actually
- got her Inscription up to 46, too

- Alrightie, WC is completed on Vyra, and now I will be going offline for reasons of I need new pants. :p

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