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Second day with the new computer!
Still setting things up, as I keep finding things that I've missed. heh

- Logged on and queued up for some BGs
- Strand of the Ancients!
- I love this one.
- y'know, when you've got people who know what they're doing

- we won :3

- gonna do me some archeology. I need a Tol'vir artifact and a Nerubian artifact for [ It's Always In The Last Place You Look ]

- eh, I'll queue up for a random while I'm at it

- oh come on
- Halls of Origination?
- I'd like to get a different dungeon, please
- and yes, I have all the dungeons unlocked.

- huh, that wasn't a bad run
- It's been a while since I did any randoms, but the last couple times I've run HoO, there was death all around

- time to work on some Keepers rep.

- sonofabitch headache headache headache headache!!
- I'm going to go find my glasses...

- alrightie, finished Durnholde and Dark Portal, bringing me up to 11435/21000
- time to check back into Durnholde and see if there are any respawns for me to kill

- nope, apparently I haven't been away long enough. oh well, I'm over halfway to Exalted. I'm happy.

- ooooh
- I forgot I haven't done Kara this week
- thank you random person in trade asking about BC raids
- To Kara!

- FYI soloing Kara bosses as a priest is... interesting
- it involves dying at least once on every boss

- I'm getting tired again.
- logging out at 12744/21000 for Violet Eye rep.
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Hey everyone!
okay, so it's doubtful anyone is reading this, but I can pretend.

So while I haven't posted anything in a few days, I have played. Some. Kinda. I've been very tired recently, okay? And there's also the fact that my laptop has been dying even harder than before.

But there is good news to be had! I HAVE MY NEW COMPUTER!
In fact, I am posting from it right now as I wait for 4.0.3 to finish patching. Isn't this GRAND?!

haha. Anyways, it was a damn good thing that I got my dad to come with me to pick it up. The impression I'd gotten from all the stores I'd visited while considering what computer to buy was that the tower would be fairly compact. This was so not true. It's about the same length as the width of the couch I'm currently sitting on, and a good foot and a half high. There is no way I would have been able to carry the box it came in all by my lonesome.

The next thing I need to get is a new monitor. I've been using a widescreen monitor for four or five years now, so this big square thing just seems awkward. Not to mention it's actually pretty old and the pixels are going in some places. This shouldn't cause a problem for video-taking or making, it's just like... hazy blurry spots here and there.

and while I know the first thing I should have done was to install my antivirus programs, the first thing I did was install vegas. Followed by starting the cataclysm install (the computer came with up to the last wrath patch installed), and THEN my antivirus programs. Don't you love my priorities? :p

Anyways, I do have warcraft up on my laptop right now, since it's going to be a bit before I can play it on this system, so I'll get down to business.

- Achievements gained over the last few days: [ 35 Exalted Reputations ], [ Emerald Void ], [ Amber Void ], [ Grand Ice Mammoth ]

- that means I did, indeed, get Lower City rep up to Exalted
- and I made 8k gold to buy a mammoth
- then there was the whole "destroying my toe" thing that stopped me from getting any more achievements on tuesday
- it's hard to raid, even them easy wrath heroics, when you've been bleeding for ten minutes and it's all you can think about.

- so, 94 mounts are mine.
- now to figure out which one to go after next...

- Guild reputation is sitting at a cool 200 from Revered
- a few more dailies and I'll be a Veteran of omgbrb
- oh, and omgbrb is now a level 7 guild.

- wtf?
- so someone comes running up while I'm doing Glop, Son of Glop, and attacks. That's cool, this quest is designed with that in mind.
- But...
- Glop despawned
- I go running back and Norsala has already respawned. Not only respawned, but been set off on the quest, and Glop is already off and running.
- thankfully, when I tagged in on Glop he didn't despawn but that was just weird.

- booyah! Revered with the guild.

- time to dig in and do some Keepers of Time reputation.
- only need Keepers, Dragonmaw, and Earthen Ring to get the guild achievement [ Dungeon Diplomat ]
- and I know Lyx/Mad will get Dragonmaw and Earthen Ring before me.

- or maybe I'll just run around killing critters for awhile. We're sitting at 18924/50000 for [ Critter Kill Squad ]

- apparently I am doing neither, as I am running off to do low level quests.
- and now I'm doing archaeology

- aw yeah, I got my new computer set up and I am dual boxin' the way I've always wanted too.
- without glitches.

- gonna take some getting used to with this keyboard, though.

- and then I went to go rescue my mother from the snow and cold. 2 hours of driving later, and I get home just in time to do some raiding.

- Killed Sarth
- Killed Kael'thas
- took some video for "Black Temple"

- got archaeology up to 525

- drank 3 beer

- I think I'm good for the night. Time to work on customizing the new computer a bit more.
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Did I post last night? I don't think I did.

So we tried to run Lich King. We failed. Repeatedly.
So we did Sarth 3D. Guess who got the dragon? That's right, Nas did~
And then we ran Magetherion's Lair.
Followed by me going to bed.

- Today has involved me running around trying to do achievements.
- and then getting distracted
- but hey, I got exalted with Bilgewater :D

- Sadly, it would appear that grinding rep in Utgarde Pinnacle only works with non-cata reputations

- oh well. back to the achievements.

- wtf
- aw man, apparently there's a time limit for how many dungeons you can enter in a certain amount of time.

- la la la

- okay, I can go in again

- booyah!
- after two years, I am now Elder Nastassja.
- yes it totally took two years
- mostly because I did zip all towards long strange trip last year.
- I haven't done ANYTHING for Noble Garden
- two achievements for Love Fool
- two for Children's Week
- five for Merry Maker
- and then I'll be done.

- quit running crypts half way through. It's ten to ten, I need to shower and go to bed.
- I'll be exalted with Lower City by tomorrow night, though. Only need 3.7k rep that's two and a half runs or so.

- and then it's just Keepers for [ The Burning Crusader ]

- and just bought my goblin trikes. Now up to 93/100 mounts.
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- man, whenever I sell stuff on Raz, it just disappears. Why doesn't Nas have this problem?

- going through my bank.
- heeee!
- they didn't take away the [ Barov Peasant Collar ] when they deleveled the quest! I now have [ Barov Peasant Collar ] and [ Barov Servant Collar ]
- I wonder if I can summon six pets...?
- nope. They're on the same timer :(

- I wonder if [ Horn of the Traitor ] and [ Rhea's Last Egg ] are on the same timer...?
- well, they're not on the timer with the Collars...
- I can indeed summon the both of them

- Oh, my rez sickness is gone.
- To Tol Barad!

- We won, of course.

- Doin' some questings.

- Hall of Origination popped.
- time to make with the dpsing thing.
- so much easier to dps than heal.
- but I won't give up my heals! I love being a healer.

- fucking dick tank
- he's a good tank, but seriously. total dick.

- wtf
- when did I get 525 cooking? the achievement didn't pop...
- ...
- well, the achievement is there, but it never popped for me.
- so weird.

- so far I've lost two BGs.
- failsauce.

- weeee won WSG
- finally found the Wonderform Operator, too. So now I have 20/50 kills

- gonna wait on Tol Barad. only 20 minutes.

- winning Tol Barad is so easy. Waiting for WG to get the 2 honor points I need to get me some nice pants.

- won WG and... wtf.
- apparently I have never won WG before
- despite, you know, playing it CONSTANTLY during wotlk

- computer needs to cool down, it's having mad issues.

- I return! After two hours of rearranging my tv setup, and another three hours of trying to get the tv to actually work, I am back to killing shit in warcraft.

- running heroic mana-tombs.

- finished mana-tombs and black morass. Old Hillsbrad does not want to complete for me, and I'm thinking that might be due to the cataclysm quest reset. Need to go see if I can figure out which quest I'm missing.

- I've run tol barad twice since then. Was on Khyte in between but only got like... eight quests done. God I hate Borean Tundra.
- she's halfway through 72. I'm going to move her to Dragonblight.

- Happy New Year folks.
- good night.
- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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oh? what's this? my computer is actually going to let me do something? fantastic.

- and of course, right as I type that AB pops.

- ran tol barad again, lost
- got me into a pvp mood, so ran random BGs
- lost isle of conquest
- won Arthai Basin

- decided to run some dungeons.
- currently on dps spec, as my gear is absolute shit when healing.
- okay, it's not, but unless I'm dealing with people I know I don't want to heal until I've got a bigger mana pool/through-put/mana efficency thing going on.

- fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
- tol'vir
- why is it ALWAYS tol'vir!?


- Sadly, I did not get any new gear out of tol'vir.

- deepholm quest time!
- huh, I thought glop, son of glop was supposed to be one of the randomized quests.
- I've gotten it every day this week.

- therazane rep down for the day and now I need to decide what else I'm going to do.

- hmm
- lets see if I can solo some BC heroics.
- running The Underbog
- burning through the trash.
- guess that means I should take on a boss.

- Hungerfen downed in around the same time it takes me to down a level 85.
- excellent.

- skipping trash. Don't want to fill my bags with crap.

- apparently I can, in fact, holy nova level 70 elites to death.

- ripping through heroics. grabbed the achievements for heroic Coilfang and heroic Auchenai Crypts

- died on Mana-tombs due to not clearing the room first. But I totally got him down to 10% despite that.

- decided to log off. Switched to Raz to AH some things, then to Bre to pick up my AH gold. Managed to sell most of Nyx's stuff on Bre-- only one stack of [ Talendra's Rose ] remains.


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The Scryers

Nastassja - 6475 ap
- Skinning/Tailoring
- 35 Reps @ Exalted
- Scryers (13015/R)
- Oracles (12201/R)
- Hyjal (5878/R)
- Therazane (7630/R)
- DMC (10562/H)
- Ramkahen (4405/H)
- Ashtongue (1161/H)
- Keepers (6855/R)
- Violet Eye (9120/R)

- Herbs/Alchemist

- Miner/Blacksmith

- Skinning/Leather

- Leather/Enchanting

- Mining/Engineering

- Herbalist/Inscription


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