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A quick recap of yesterday:
- Got [ Heroic: Magister's Terrace ]
- which means I also got [ Outland Dungeon Hero ]
- Also nailed [ Northern Exposure ], [ Master in Archaeology ] and [ Grand Master in Archaeology ]
- ran most of Karazhan, but Lyx had to leave around the time we hit the Chess Match, so we bailed
- got a nice chunk of rep, though. Violet Eye is now at 2310/12000
- then I went to bed, but couldn't sleep until well after midnight.

- logged in on top of Vyragosa's dead body. :(
- did some Argent Tournament dailies
- Lost TB. We were all very sad.

- leveled Vyra up to 10 so I could use her for raid solos

- just noticed that a new guildie has booted me out of 2nd place on the achievements points :(

- ran some heroics for thrallmar rep. Am now halfway through revered.
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- Logged on Nas and got into TB almost immediately.
- do I really have to say that we won?

- looks like TBP dailies stack. A few of the dailies had changed from what was in my log, but I was able to pick up the new ones without losing the old ones. So I got a nice chunk of commendations.
- up to 45 now.

- logging onto Bre
- Searing Gorge quests are still amusing. And surprisingly easy considering that I'm at-level for them.
- ding~ 52!
- Man, Bre needs bigger bags.
- good thing I've got so much gold.

- went back onto Nas
- spent the afternoon pvping. lots of dumbasses out there, on both sides
- did not, however, ever Dwarf Slayer.
- stupid dwarf locks...

- picked up pvp belt and boots today for Nas
- and grabbed three more mounts from Argent Tournament
- am now at 90 mounts

- am also headachey and sleepy now
- bed time for Khyte-girl.
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- love love LOVE the [ Last Relic of Argus ]
- today it took me to the wetlands.

- and now my archaeology is at 390
- as a bonus, I'm also working on [ Clockwork Gnome ]

- huh
- apparently, despite having finished the Lashtail Hatchling quest line, you can still spawn latchtail hatchlings that follow you around if you run through their breeding grounds. Curious.
- taking a quick trip to Bambala to see if there are any new quests that pertain to this...
- nope
- and it looks like my flight despawned the little guy. oh well.

- 3 minutes until muffins.
- I mean TB.
- yes I am playing wow and baking at the same time.
- it's actually a terrible idea, but I keep doing it.
- (they are banana and chocolate chip muffins if anyone cares)

- delicious muffins. mmm.
- oh and we won TB.

- 24 commendations as of now. Need to finish my dailies.
- ugh, I don't feel like doing dailies. 29 commendations.

- on to bre.
- got a handful of quests done. Lunk is as amusing as ever
- hit 51

- so damn tired.
- going onto Vyra to get her into Org and then... I think I'm going to bed.
- I am aware that it is only 5:30pm. I'm tired goddammit.
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Goddamit it bliz, stop with the login problems already.

- Ran around working on my archaeology.
- finished a mail helm. It's for level 70s. So it's sitting on Ovan until that improbable day comes.
- Got up to 370 before TB popped.

- we were attacking. Wall and Exile spent the last ten minutes arguing instead of PvPing.
- we lost.

- continued with Archaeology. Now up to 385.
- got my Raptor~

- switching to Octobre
- 49!

- [ The Day that Deathwing Came: What Really Happened ]
- "I believe I was showing my motorcycle to some hot babes at the time"
- and when I choose someone else he goes "No! I love you Martek!"
- ahahahahahaha
- he apparently beat Deathwing in a knife fight. but since Lucien and Theldurin decided to interrupt, we don't get to find out how ;p

- apparently WE ARE VIKINGS

- [ level 50 ]!
- aaaand 30 seconds later, [ 500 quests ]

- I should work on my OSI entry. To SAI!
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Thank you blizzard, for your login problems.

- wow, that twin peaks battle was painful.
- we were doing well until the first time the Alliance capped a flag
- and then it was like "lol roll over and DIE"
- since no one but my poor little priest ass was actually going after the flag barer.

- as per the norm. We won TB.
- after TB dailies, I now have 189 commendations.
- once I get the TBP dailies done, I'll just have to win two more TBs to get my drake :D

- levitate is an awesome ability

- Got [ To all the Squirrels Who Cared for Me ]

- worked on my archaeology a bit, only completed one more piece, but found 40 fossil fragments for my raptor.

- TB popped, and 3 commendations!
- oh! It switched the dailies today :3
- I gots m'drake, I gots m'drake~

- hot damn does it look cool in shadowform!!

- got a couple more archaeology fragments
- decided to run Heroic: Escape from Durnholde while I was in Tanaris.
- yay! Thrall didn't glitch out on me today!
- Now all I have is Heroic Magister's Terrace to get [ Outland Raider ]

- Hah! got out with 3mins until TB

- we won, duh.
- and the dailies changed again.
- up to 4 commendations now. Got a bit of a ways to go in order to get my sparkley wolf, but I am now on my way~

- going to do some more archeology stuffs

- up to 300 arky
- running around in Outland to get some Orc and Draenai stuff done and... huh. might as well do [ Bloody Rare ] while I'm at it.
- grabbed seven mobs on top of the two I'd already had.

- ...and now the only race that I'm not hunting down 100+ pieces for rare artifacts is troll. /sigh

- skipped TB for the first time in a long long time.

- Eh, too tired to focus. gonna log.
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- got the Wintersrping Quests achievement.
- amusingly, at 58 quests, not the full 60.

- doing Silverpine quests.
- Agatha grabbed my belt, shouted Run! and took off flying
- meanwhile I'm going "...I'm level 85...."

- TB popped
- of course we won.
- up to 167 commendations. 33 more until I get my drake!

- mwahahaha
- just got [ Hellscream's Reach ], the achievement for exalted with the Horde TB faction. :3
- also up to 178 commendations now

- Only now do I realise that I haven't spent much time in UC since cata dropped.
- the extended palace area is pretty awesome.

- giggling so hard over being able to skin these worgen druids.

- 9 quests short on Silverpine.
- wonder where they went...?

- ran TB again.
- 3 more commendations brings me up to 181.

- logging off now. Just can't focus.
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- Logged on this afternoon just before Silver did. Shortly after that, Silver, Dark and I became an Arena team: "We PVP Drunk"

- Two loses so far. (as expected)
- but hey, TB pops in a couple minutes.

- apparently we're attacking!

- Silver disappeared less then a minute into TB :(
- and then we lost. boo.

- /sigh I got no focus today.
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- winterspring quest time!
- I'll go do TB quests after it pops. I got home about 5 minutes after it ended

- I still giggle over the blond Nyhm-- sorry "Nymn"-- in Everlook
- and now Nymn's mom (Haleh) is so very Gigi. This is hilarious.
- aaaah, it turns out that they're all Blue Dragons.

- maybe bliz should make my toon a quest giver
- here's a dagger now go kill a dragon
- don't tell me that you're laggin'
- then bring me his treasure
- nice workin' with ya, really it's been my pleasure
- I got no reward for ya, but your rep just got better, hey!

- yes, I do know most of the Nyhm songs by heart. It's sad, I know
- but I do believe I've mentioned my own parody works previously...

- eh?
- I ran out of quests...?

- Ah hah! Found some quests I missed
- ...but that only brings me to 57/60

- of course, right as I hand in #57, TB pops.
- and as always: we won.
- 3 more commendations!
- as an extra bonus, I nabbed OMGBRB's [ Human Slayer ] achievement.
- Only Dwarf Warlock left, and we'll have [ Alliance Slayer ]!

- time to do my TB dailies~
- damn, none of my regular guild-groupies are on. I'll leave Problim until later then

- offlining to go get pizza. mmm pizza.

- okay, so it took me almost the entire time between TBs to do my dailies and eat my pizza. I've got 20 minutes until the next round.
- time to do some tailoring!
- now at 510, after spending an obscene amount of money on volatile water/fire
- five Emberfire Shoulders now on the AH.

- TB~
- There was like... one of every dwarf class EXCEPT warlock. ARGH.
- ps, we won

- heading to Argent Tournament Grounds
- all but one daily done, and now I have the Sunreaver Dragonhawk, White Skeletal Warhorse, and the Swift Purple Raptor

- man, I need a shower. cutting out early tonight.
- later~
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- logged in to TB today.
- 360 delicious Honor Points later...
- ...and then winning StoA...
- leaves me at 1624 honor points.

- did some questings and... hah. got [ Breaking Out of Tol Barad ], the 100 quests in TB achievement.

- back to Felwood!
- wow, still haven't found the breadcrumb quest...

- TB popped again
- aaaaand we won again
- stuck around to help Dark and Yonko finish their dailies
- we got jumped like... four times by a pair of pissed off alliance

- Just realized that I have 4 stacks of embersilk.
- time to skill up!

- 505 skill, and a couple new patterns. Emberfire Shoulders and Dream of Deepholm

- Did Argent Tournament dailies-- am now at 149 champion seals. Tomorrow I get my dragonhawk! And a couple other mounts.

- Tol Barad again~
- We won! (like that's a surprise ;p)
- I have 141 commendations.
- What I need is 200+168+50 = 418 in total
- with just the dailies, I'm looking at 14 commendations per day. So in order to get everything I want, it'll take another 20ish days.

- I'm now at 2113 honor. Gonna run a couple bgs and get my last piece of pvp blues. well, the dps ones anyways. I'll see about using honor to get the healer blues later

- ooooh~
- Just won Eye of the Storm for the first time!
- So not only did I get enough honor to buy my last piece, but I also got 10 ap
- I am now exactly 400ap behind Yonko :3

- the baby Furbolg are pretty damn cute

- Alrightie, finally followed the breadcrumb to Winterspring
- so now I am working on both the E'ko achievement and [ Winterspring Quests ]

- except that I am tired and going to bed.
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- Sadly, I didn't get called for TB
- no 1800 honor for me
- time to queue for BGs!
- I've only got 1 piece of blue pvp left to grind. then I can move on to better gear.
- (it's the stupid looking helm. 2200 honor)
- (I have 230)

- am now at 513 honor

- there's 40min until TB, so I'm going to go do some dailies.

- alright, so I have 2 dalaran cooking awards now. Tomorrow I will be able to get a new recipe.
- 135 Champion Seals. Need only 15 more to get the Sunreaver Dragonhawk, and then I can look at grabbing the 5 seal 400g mounts. There are 6 such mounts, so plus the hawk will put me up to... 88 mounts.

- Two quests short of [ Felwood Quests ] and TB pops
- yay! we won!
- I am now at 1100 honor. Half way to the last piece!

- and unfortunately, I can't hand in the rest of my dailies. They're finished but I kinda went through 24 dailies earlier.

- finished Felwood achievement. Will finish the rest of the quests in felwood to get the winterspring breadcrumb tomorrow. for now, it is sleepy time.
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- man, whenever I sell stuff on Raz, it just disappears. Why doesn't Nas have this problem?

- going through my bank.
- heeee!
- they didn't take away the [ Barov Peasant Collar ] when they deleveled the quest! I now have [ Barov Peasant Collar ] and [ Barov Servant Collar ]
- I wonder if I can summon six pets...?
- nope. They're on the same timer :(

- I wonder if [ Horn of the Traitor ] and [ Rhea's Last Egg ] are on the same timer...?
- well, they're not on the timer with the Collars...
- I can indeed summon the both of them

- Oh, my rez sickness is gone.
- To Tol Barad!

- We won, of course.

- Doin' some questings.

- Hall of Origination popped.
- time to make with the dpsing thing.
- so much easier to dps than heal.
- but I won't give up my heals! I love being a healer.

- fucking dick tank
- he's a good tank, but seriously. total dick.

- wtf
- when did I get 525 cooking? the achievement didn't pop...
- ...
- well, the achievement is there, but it never popped for me.
- so weird.

- so far I've lost two BGs.
- failsauce.

- weeee won WSG
- finally found the Wonderform Operator, too. So now I have 20/50 kills

- gonna wait on Tol Barad. only 20 minutes.

- winning Tol Barad is so easy. Waiting for WG to get the 2 honor points I need to get me some nice pants.

- won WG and... wtf.
- apparently I have never won WG before
- despite, you know, playing it CONSTANTLY during wotlk

- computer needs to cool down, it's having mad issues.

- I return! After two hours of rearranging my tv setup, and another three hours of trying to get the tv to actually work, I am back to killing shit in warcraft.

- running heroic mana-tombs.

- finished mana-tombs and black morass. Old Hillsbrad does not want to complete for me, and I'm thinking that might be due to the cataclysm quest reset. Need to go see if I can figure out which quest I'm missing.

- I've run tol barad twice since then. Was on Khyte in between but only got like... eight quests done. God I hate Borean Tundra.
- she's halfway through 72. I'm going to move her to Dragonblight.

- Happy New Year folks.
- good night.
- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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oh? what's this? my computer is actually going to let me do something? fantastic.

- and of course, right as I type that AB pops.

- ran tol barad again, lost
- got me into a pvp mood, so ran random BGs
- lost isle of conquest
- won Arthai Basin

- decided to run some dungeons.
- currently on dps spec, as my gear is absolute shit when healing.
- okay, it's not, but unless I'm dealing with people I know I don't want to heal until I've got a bigger mana pool/through-put/mana efficency thing going on.

- fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
- tol'vir
- why is it ALWAYS tol'vir!?


- Sadly, I did not get any new gear out of tol'vir.

- deepholm quest time!
- huh, I thought glop, son of glop was supposed to be one of the randomized quests.
- I've gotten it every day this week.

- therazane rep down for the day and now I need to decide what else I'm going to do.

- hmm
- lets see if I can solo some BC heroics.
- running The Underbog
- burning through the trash.
- guess that means I should take on a boss.

- Hungerfen downed in around the same time it takes me to down a level 85.
- excellent.

- skipping trash. Don't want to fill my bags with crap.

- apparently I can, in fact, holy nova level 70 elites to death.

- ripping through heroics. grabbed the achievements for heroic Coilfang and heroic Auchenai Crypts

- died on Mana-tombs due to not clearing the room first. But I totally got him down to 10% despite that.

- decided to log off. Switched to Raz to AH some things, then to Bre to pick up my AH gold. Managed to sell most of Nyx's stuff on Bre-- only one stack of [ Talendra's Rose ] remains.
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- Dug up some more fossils, but not enough to solve any artifacts.
- ugh, full body shudder at just TYPING that.

- totally didn't mention it last night, but I completed both the [ Druid and Priest Statue Set ] and [ Fossilized Hatchling ]

- ran Tol Barad
- we won~
- though we had to listen to five/six people bitching about how we need to lose so that the next time around we can win and get 1800 honor.
- uh, no.
- The Scryers has a long and historied issue with PvP Zones. Once one side gets the zone like HELL the other side is getting it back without a fight.
- and after 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 (okay, not that many, but whatever) battles for WG where the Horde lost EVERY TIME, it really shouldn't come as a surprise that we want to keep a zone when we get it.

- cooking is now sitting at 524

- logging off due to boredom and trying to get away from the TV.


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The Scryers

Nastassja - 6475 ap
- Skinning/Tailoring
- 35 Reps @ Exalted
- Scryers (13015/R)
- Oracles (12201/R)
- Hyjal (5878/R)
- Therazane (7630/R)
- DMC (10562/H)
- Ramkahen (4405/H)
- Ashtongue (1161/H)
- Keepers (6855/R)
- Violet Eye (9120/R)

- Herbs/Alchemist

- Miner/Blacksmith

- Skinning/Leather

- Leather/Enchanting

- Mining/Engineering

- Herbalist/Inscription


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