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It's boxing day! I should be buying my new computer, but right now I'd rather be lazy.

- not much in the way of time to type, since we're running heroics for guild achievements.
- grabbed Ramps, Blood Furnace and Shattered Halls before Dark and Mad had to go offline, and now we're talking about tempest keep.

- on our way to Tempest Keep!
- I like TK.
- then again, I like rep grinding.
- which is all I've ever used TK for.

- lol
- I didn't have the [ Flamewrought Key ] before, and now Yonko doesn't have the [ Warpforged Key ] hehehe
- neither does Lyxan.

- ran the three TK instances to get Lyxan up to Honored so she can get her key.

- and then we did two more so Blood could get his.

- lyxan: "wait, is this heroic? they're dying at the same rate..."
- nas: "well we are 3 85s and an 84"
- bloodgrin: "hehe"

- So far we have gotten 6 guild achievements today.
- Yonko and Blood had to go, so Lyx and I have recruited Dark and Aliester to do some Classic Dungeons.
- Ali's only level 45, you see.

- Alrightie! Got the achivements for Guild Strat, Scholo, and Monastery.
- am now running around Tol Barad.

- I want the Hellscream's Reach Drake :D
- It requires exalted rep. I have... 1312 neutral.

- Oh, I forgot to mention~ I hit Exalted with the Sha'tar~ :D
- Next BC dungeon rep is going to be Thrallmar (5215 Revered as of now)

- Alrightie, Tailoring is now at 485. Gonna go dig up some more Archaeology stuff.

- oh good god.
- did conflict tonight, and had to get some help from another group in the area to take down the last enemy.
- and then the alliance showed up.
- five alliance versus 15 horde.
- and the alliance geniuses KEPT COMING BACK.
- I actually got like.... 7/8 honor points out of it. Amazing, really.

- attempted to run Tol'vir again. I did better at healing-- I'm starting to get the hang of cataheals-- but we wiped three times on Siamat and decided we were done for the day. I'll have to see if I can dig up some info on the how-to for that battle. We figure we were just out dps'd and undergeared.

- got Lyx to link me her enchanting, so I'm going to be trying to get the materials (and some better gear to enchant)
- looks like I'll be doing some more raiding in the future.

- just no Tol'vir until I know wtf I am doing.
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Merry Christmas everyone!

- I've always found it amusing how people bitch about mobs that get stuck in walls and evade.
- if you get within melee distance, so they can hit you, you can absolutely trash a stuck mob.
- and when it respawns it is no longer stuck.

- Alrightie, I've completed the Hyjal quests (finally)
- and I can smell bacon! mmm, christmas breakfast~

- it was a delicious breakfast.
- and now to go back to playing warcraft before present opening time.
- okay, so I'm opening my warcraft presents.

- sweet! Got [ Let's Do Lunch ]

- switching to Ovan for presentses

- onto Bre!

- oh wow...
- I haven't been through Sorrow Hill since well before 4.0.1
- so it is super weird to see it so... nice...

- stopped for x-mas prezzies
- mom got me the official warcraft mouse!
- it's quite a bit bigger than my old mouse, so it'll take some getting used too.

- ran Dire Maul East
- clusterfuck of a pug. there was a lot of yelling in between pulls.
- no good drops, but then I'm level 46, and DME was dropped to a level 36 dungeon.

- today is apparently a day for failpugs, given the guild chatter.

- taking a break. need to do something else for awhile.
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Been awhile since I had the time to play. But I am back now. Working on my professions today~

- Cooking: 436
- Tailoring: 482
- Archaeology: 30
- Fishing: 458
- First Aid: 450

- First Aid will be sitting back for awhile. I don't want to waste embersilk making bandages when I need it for my tailoring. Skinning is already capped.

- Cooking is now 475. I don't have enough awards for another recipe, so there I shall stay for another three days.

- got archaeology to 66 before I diverted to finish the Hyjal quest lines.

- so goddamn tired.
- been up for 13 hours now.
- I just want to eat and then sleep
- thus, I am logging.
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- got me the Explore Vashj'ir and Explore Cataclysm achievements. It surprised me that I hadn't gotten them yet.

- Now I am grinding for embersilk. I have some Healer gear to craft.
- and zero desire to pay the obscene prices on the AH.

- gotta love [Vampiric Touch] + [Shadow Word: Pain] + [Devouring Plague]
- used to do this in wrath all the time, so I'm happy it still works: hit a mob with it then move onto the next. By the time you finish laying the spells down on the second, the first is dead.

- moved to twilight highlands as the drop rate is better. not by much, but better.

- got enough to make my shoulders, wound up having to buy some [Volatile Water] off the AH. Not too bad; 15g apiece and I needed 2. They're not tremendously better than my previous shoulders but they ARE blue compared to green.

- I am very tired, and very sick. ( whole story here )

- sleepy time now. night guys.
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Dual-boxing as Baerus and Iepatus.

- it would be easier if I was actually on two machines at once.
- less laggy, that's for sure.

- lol echo cutscenes

- alrightie, lagtastic computer is lagtastic. Switching over to Nas.
- ugh, reforging and specing Nas' holy side is a pain in the ass

- flew right through a zeppelin

- ugh. Tired. I'm going to go make some food.

- doing some questage at 8pm.

- I know it's just my inferiority complex talking, but it frustrates me when my guildies don't bother to ask me if I want to participate in a dungeon. Especially after I told Lyxan to text me if they need a healer.
- (4 of my guildies are in Stonecore right now. I'm guessing that if they didn't grab a healer through dungeon finder, Silver is acting as the healer)
- (and that makes me wonder if they just think I'm a shit healer. priest versus druid)

- hehe Skullcrusher the Mountain

- and in that last battle, I fought with 300 Garona Halforcans.

- the Warcraft Archaeology profession is FUCKING RETARDED. Most useless profession EVER. I HATE the mechanics!
- if you really wanted it to look like Archaeology, then every survey should bring up a handful of dirt to study.
- Where are the features? We've got the artifacts, but no features! The features of the site can be the most important piece of study!
- I'm one semester away from my Bachelors in Archaeology, fyi.

- logging off. sleep time.
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I went to bed at 1am. I am awake at 8am. What is wrong with me?

- Thick Leather sold last night, but the cata skins are still up for sale.

- heading into Deepholme.
- oooh, I can actually understand the cutscene speech this time! Last time I had a person half a second in front of me, and half a second behind me. It was fantastically confusing.

- the [Take No Prisoners] & [On Second Thought, Take One Prisoner] quests amuse me

- goddamit, I hate this glitch!
- you know the one: when you're looting and it lags so you wind up crouched on the ground for 5/10 minutes

- "Stop it, you tiny, angry woman!"

- killing critters as we go is hilarious. Tryin' to get that armadillo pet, we're at 2899/50k

- I have no idea how, but apparently you can skin chopped up basilik remains.

- Mylra's bobbing question mark is snicker worthy from above.

- heh Troggzor the Earthinator

- I really wish I had a different helm. This Samurai thing didn't look half bad on Nyx, but Nas just looks retarded... And yes, I know I can turn the graphic off. I don't want to. I want a cool looking helm.

- it's always fun finding new ways to die. /sarcasm

- Well, I got to level 83 before I found a belt better than my [Circle of Ossus]. Better yet, it's even blue. I don't have to cry about replacing a purple with a green!

- Finally reached the end of the quests I'd already done on Nyx. All new content now!
- Technically, these are the quests I kept dying on as Nyx and so I didn't complete them.

- Felsen the Enduring sounds like the Cave of Wonders from Aladdin

- the elite Gyreworms are fucking fast

- I am definitely enjoying the quests that I can complete without having to dismount.

- aw, I have an elemental companion for this quest chain.

- apparently I cannot resist stone elemental puppy dog eyes

- watching troggs tame basilisks is funny
- it takes a whole heck of a lot longer than any hunter.

- and now my baby elemental buddy has left me. To roll around in petrified corpses. idefk

- stupid drakes bugged out on me. Stuck in invisible combat.
- had to go an off myself to get out of it.

- well. that was an anticlimatic drake battle

- I wonder if we'll get stone drake mounts?

- "K, so you totes did everything you said you would. Get your buddies out of here. But we can still party, mkay?" translating for Therazane :D

- It's pretty cool that the Therazane quest chain puts you to half way through Honored.
- It's kinda like the Netherwing rep that way, except that you get it all in bits and pieces instead of one giant chunk

- Finally! A new staff design! I was getting tired of the same ol' same ol'.

- doesn't look like there are any mounts... yet... :D?
- picked up the Therazane tabard.

- deepholme is done but for the dailies.

- headed to Uldum. Which means I'll do about 10 quests I've done on Nyx and then it's ~all new~ once again

- watching the caravan cinematic... and Nas just did /rude to the attacking pygmies!


- ARGH. [Neferset Prison] is making me maaaaaad

- oh wow. the entrance to Vortex Pinnacle is beautiful. a floating city of marble...

- hahaha oh god. Human Warrior who is complete 'tard. He couldn't even follow the direction that were blasted across the entire screen. Idiot is lucky that I was feeling nice enough to help him down the 83 elite that was kicking his ass.
- well. "nice enough" and "because I could get the completion off it, too"

- two bubbles shy of 84!

- Ah Harrison Jones. I love your quests, seriously.

- hahaha Harrison thinks Nas is pretty XD
- which is hilarious because he gets her to do all the killing work.

- demolition Jones style!

- LEVEL 84

- after the under ocean adventures of Vashj'ir, actually having to swim properly is annoying.

- did my cutscene fail again?
- yes, yes it did. Skipping time~

- I just got flatted by a titan statue landing on me.
- I love how it doesn't actually do anything to my character.

- two obelisks ignited!

- I don't even know what's going on any more

- ahahahahahahaha hacking the wibson... with a maintenance axe XD

- Killin' Gnomes, Killin' Gnomes~!
- 1000 of them, specifically.
- It's a katamari quest, and I was giggling about it the entire time. One of the rewards? [Kata-Mary Crown]

- Oh, I like how the crown looks on Nas.

- I've got another 6 hours of play tonight. CAN I MAKE 85?!
- I hope so. I'm trying to beat Darkbite, Yonko, and Mulletor, all of whom hit 84 long before I did.

- I am 66 quests into Uldum.

- almost out of mojo refiller

- man everything, and I do mean everything, seems to be about war between two factions for this expansion.

- dark just logged on, and I'm only 1/4 through 84...
- I have no idea how far dark is.

- riding along on yet another caravan...

- Yonko's online now too

- I'm enjoying Dark Archangel too much


- the sheer number of cutscenes... you'd think folks didn't have guilds to talk with.


- and half way to 85!

- "The Alliance... they're defending the Wildhammer..."
- of course they are you fool. The Alliance and the Wildhammer have been bros since Vanilla.

- a little under 2 bubbles left. Yonko hasn't leveled yet either. WHO WILL BE FIRST?! XD

- Alexstrasza's so cool she can beat her wings through mountains.

- Huh.
- Apparently Yonko went offline during one of the cutscenes.
- and with only one bubble left to go...

- Yonko logged in like... 30 seconds before I turned in the quest the kicked me up to 85 XD

Okay, now that I have spent SIXTEEN HOURS grinding from 83-85, I think it's time for bed. Gonna go visit with my tailoring trainer first, but otherwise I am done! G'night all
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- OKAY. SO IT IS ENTIRELY POSSIBLE to fly your mount from Stormwind to Vashj'ir. It's just not the best of ideas. I died of fatigue about 2 seconds after the name popped on my screen.

- MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION!! totally died in the same second that my enemy did.

- Hehehehe worgen dogpaddle~
- I haven't mentioned this before, shockingly.

- they're attacking a Whale Shark named "Wil'hai". It is neutral to me. Quest line??
- yup, just found the quest giver

- Aaaand there he goes. One ancient level 85 elite Whale Shark saved.

- I really need to start paying more attention to my own health.

- [Defending the Rift ] is apparently bugged. Goddammit! That's the last quest in this fucking questline :/

- I'm going to try not touching a DAMN THING. The NPCs keep vanishing when I move the mouse, so I guess I've got a few minutes of not doing anything.

- nope, nothing. I'm starting to wonder if it's the dumbass gnome that logged out dead on the ship :/

- awesome, going off the tip of Dun Morogh to Vashj'ir works a LOT better.

- okay, now that I've set my Hearth to Deepmist Grotto, I'm going to see if I can get this damn quest done. I've been abandoning the quest to get out, but this time I hearthed, and am now flying to the battle area.

- Well that didn't work. Guess I'll try again later.

- Entering Deepholme.

- /sigh
- done a handful of quests in Deepholme, but I am completely incapable of focusing right now. just poof! lost it.

See ya later.
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(its 4 in the morning, do you know where your avatar is at?)

Well, Nyx is officially Alliance. We'll see how well this turns out. I really should be going back to bed soon...

- it's only now that I realize that I haven't explored the Alliance side of things as well as I have the Horde.

- Well, I found Thrall.

- forgot I had like... zero money on Nyx. Sent 140 from Izaelia, but that's going to take some time to arrive. The 40 from Octobre handled me putting a whole lotta herbs on the AH.

- I should go up and turn my alarm clock off.
- of course, after saying so I start yawning like crazy. I'll turn in these dailies, get my herbalism, and then it is off to bed for me.

- hahaha Nyx is being sheltered by dragon wings!
- there's a druid on an albino drake standing in just the perfect position.

- been having fun listening to the NPCs chatter on the dock, but it's a pain in the ass to wait so long.
- "Today Hellscream shall learn the lesson that Thrall failed to teach him... Stormwind shall never fall!"

- cutscenes again~

- totally didn't go to bed. Now it is time to get breakfast and go to work.

I'm back!

- good fucking god! The respawn rate on these fuckers is phenomenal! There's a new mob appearing before you've even finished with the first!

- The sea legs buff is very nice. Eating under the water~!


- Riiiiiiding on a shaaaaaark~

- God, I died so many damn times in the last quest chain. SO MANY TIMES.
- hate this rapid respawn rate

- oh cool. Apparently I can jump in on someone else's quest mob and still get the completion for it.

- I've been staring at the octopus staff I'm wearing for like... an hour now. It's fucking creepy.

- I think I'm starting to get the hang of Warlocking again.

- Man oh man, there is nothing but beauty in these zones.

I should really pack up and head off to bed. It's been a long long day, and Nyx has hit 82. Quite proud of myself for that, actually. When one considers that Nyx spent four years at level 60... well. Just leveling her at all tends to be worthy of praise, let alone essentially making it half way through the expansion levels.

Alrightie, Nyx is now up-to-date on her Alchemy as well as Herbs, and has her Azeroth Flying License. When I play tomorrow I'll update her Warlockiness, and then it's back out into the deep blue see to keep grinding away at those levels. Night all!


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The Scryers

Nastassja - 6475 ap
- Skinning/Tailoring
- 35 Reps @ Exalted
- Scryers (13015/R)
- Oracles (12201/R)
- Hyjal (5878/R)
- Therazane (7630/R)
- DMC (10562/H)
- Ramkahen (4405/H)
- Ashtongue (1161/H)
- Keepers (6855/R)
- Violet Eye (9120/R)

- Herbs/Alchemist

- Miner/Blacksmith

- Skinning/Leather

- Leather/Enchanting

- Mining/Engineering

- Herbalist/Inscription


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