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A quick recap of yesterday:
- Got [ Heroic: Magister's Terrace ]
- which means I also got [ Outland Dungeon Hero ]
- Also nailed [ Northern Exposure ], [ Master in Archaeology ] and [ Grand Master in Archaeology ]
- ran most of Karazhan, but Lyx had to leave around the time we hit the Chess Match, so we bailed
- got a nice chunk of rep, though. Violet Eye is now at 2310/12000
- then I went to bed, but couldn't sleep until well after midnight.

- logged in on top of Vyragosa's dead body. :(
- did some Argent Tournament dailies
- Lost TB. We were all very sad.

- leveled Vyra up to 10 so I could use her for raid solos

- just noticed that a new guildie has booted me out of 2nd place on the achievements points :(

- ran some heroics for thrallmar rep. Am now halfway through revered.
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I'm tired of playing Horde.

Time to play Alliance!
Gonna do some leveling on Bre /o/

- yay! level 47
- did half of the Eastern Plaguelands quests then bounced down to the Badlands
- 48!
- 68% of the way to 49 and now I'm bored. Of course I am.

- and Vyra is now level 7. focus, I have none.
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Dual-boxing as Baerus and Iepatus.

- it would be easier if I was actually on two machines at once.
- less laggy, that's for sure.

- lol echo cutscenes

- alrightie, lagtastic computer is lagtastic. Switching over to Nas.
- ugh, reforging and specing Nas' holy side is a pain in the ass

- flew right through a zeppelin

- ugh. Tired. I'm going to go make some food.

- doing some questage at 8pm.

- I know it's just my inferiority complex talking, but it frustrates me when my guildies don't bother to ask me if I want to participate in a dungeon. Especially after I told Lyxan to text me if they need a healer.
- (4 of my guildies are in Stonecore right now. I'm guessing that if they didn't grab a healer through dungeon finder, Silver is acting as the healer)
- (and that makes me wonder if they just think I'm a shit healer. priest versus druid)

- hehe Skullcrusher the Mountain

- and in that last battle, I fought with 300 Garona Halforcans.

- the Warcraft Archaeology profession is FUCKING RETARDED. Most useless profession EVER. I HATE the mechanics!
- if you really wanted it to look like Archaeology, then every survey should bring up a handful of dirt to study.
- Where are the features? We've got the artifacts, but no features! The features of the site can be the most important piece of study!
- I'm one semester away from my Bachelors in Archaeology, fyi.

- logging off. sleep time.
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- Lyxan's got her Collector's Edition! Jumping on Nas...

- Running around Kelp'thar again. And hot damn. With so few people here, it's a quick ride to get these quests done.

- I'm still wondering why Budd is allowed to have ideas.

- ugh. trading tier gear for blues...

- yup, rapid spawn naga are still a pain in the ass.

- Goblin Crew Time! Mekannie, Kycha, and Bitterman

- waiting on Kycha and Bitter to catch up with me phase-wise.
- ...they just ran headlong into a burning house.

- bouncing goblin tits are kinda alotta creepy

- go kitty go!

- why the fuck was Thrall taken captive...?


- Bitterman logged awhile back, and Kycha's gone to eat some foods. Jumping back onto Nas for awhile.

- well I'm glad my skinning glitch has fixed itself.
- ...or not. goddammit.
- at least I'm getting the skill up. Still wish I could get the skins.

- dear snapjaw grouper. Eating the upper body of a shadow priest is a bad idea. You go splodey.

- and now we have moved into quests that are not mirrors of the Alliance stuff.
- ...until we go right back to the mirror stuff

- fucking game is glitching out on me again
- as soon as Nas hits the point where Tenebrous Cavern pops on the screen, she dismounts.
- and I can't remount.

- Trying [Defending the Rift] on Horde side now.
- well. so far so good. maybe...
- looks like we might make it...

- and now it looks like I'm watching Stonespeaker's ass for the foreseeable future.
- alrightie, so I got the completion for it... the turn-in guy just didn't show his ugly mug. Lets try a logout/login

- Awesome! Got 20k leagues and the Vashj'ir achievements.

- from what I saw on Nyx, you actually have to enter the dungeons first before you can queue for them. So here I am, chillin' in a Cata instance.
- Throne of Tides is official open to me~

- Gonna dick around Hyjal for a few. See what's the what on that side of things.

- Time for a nice slow ride on the back of a green drake.
- I want a green drake mount now.

- I tried to wave to Deathwing. It wouldn't let me.
- sadface

Alrightie, I've done a handful of quests in Hyjal. Now it is time for me to go to bed. I didn't reach my goal for the night, but then I was kinda reaching for the stars there. I did manage to get my skinning capped, and tailoring is puttering along as usual.

I've put a whole lot of skins up on the auction house, although the lord only knows if they'll go. The new cata skin is up for about 200g for a stack of 20. It's insane, but hey. Maybe I'll make some money. get that damn mammoth I've been eying... only got 9k left to go...

Reputation Recap time!
Guardians of Hyjal 260/6000 Friendly
The Earthen Ring 445/6000 Friendly

Sadly, the new Armory has disappeared my ability to see overall Horde reputation. I imagine it's somewhere beyond 16k/21k now, but as to how far beyond/how close to exalted... who knows.

night folks!
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- just figured out why my volume wouldn't go past a certain point. I had the master volume in warcrack turned down.

- lol Stormcaller Mylra is my kind of interrogator.

- ...scazgrin. Ugh. Every time I see him about, I just shudder. Long story.


- haha hit 83 on a herb

- the best part of old world flying is that I can get to the boats before they leave.

- taking a long flight from Darnasuss to Tanaris; picking up the FPs along the way. I'm curious to know how long it takes when you have epic flying.

- Into Uldum we go!
- With Budd and Adarrah.
- could've sworn I left them in the ocean...

- go cutscene go~
- seems like we've been sold into slavery.

- oh good god. Why do they even let Budd come up with ideas? Wait... wasn't this the same genius who thought he was a troll in Wrath?

- Uldum's sands actually blow

- alright, I'm tired of dying. Gonna switch off Nyx for now.
- geez, just picked up some stuff out of my mailbox. Nyx went from having 40gold when Cata dropped to having 2260g. Very nice.

- Logging onto Nas to start her grind to 85.

- ...adarrah and budd get around.

- yup, exactly the same as the alliance side.

- having already done these quests makes it so much easier to do them all over again.

- I love the fact that "Thrall's balls" is actually used as an expletive by an NPC.

- alright, half way through level 80. And now I don't want to play Nas anymore. :/

- logged onto Mekannie for the first time-- my Goblin Priest.

- alrightie, Mekannie is level 3. And Warcrack decided to kick me off the server, so I'm going to end the play time right here.
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Cataclysm drops in 34 hours. When I get home from work tomorrow, I'm probably going to nap so I can get my digital upgrade/download going as soon as the clock turns. I'm really hoping comes back up soon-- I meant to pay for Nyx's faction change yesterday, but got distracted by everything else I was working on.

Leveling Ovan some more. Gonna get him to 30 today. This really isn't much of a stretch of ability, as it's like... 2/3rds of a level, but this is Ovan. The hobo who has been in the 20-30 level range for two years.

- I knew-- KNEW!!-- that using disengage would throw me off the tower.
- I hit the damn button by mistake, and died.
- I hope to god that mob hasn't respawned by the time I get back to my body.
- he did. dammit all.

- Ovan is level 30! congratulations, Hobotard!

- huh. never before have I noticed that Ovan reloads his bow between each shot.

- /sigh in order to get the pet I wanted to get today, I have to be level 32.

- BOOYAH! I found one that was level 31! Deviate Raptor is MINE NOW.

- Now I just need to get the fox...

- Level 32! Ovan can now Feign Death.

- Aaaaaaaand Fox'ed. Getting Ovan out of the ruins of Gilneas, and then logging off the hobotard. He's half way through level 32 already.

- Awright, Nyx's faction change is imminent.

- Nas is back to Holy Spec, so I can get some raiding done tonight/tomorrow, although I'm going to be doing some editing like... right now... so I don't know just how much raid time I've got today.

- alrightie, three hours of editting down and... don't think I'll be doing any raiding tonight. I'm just too damn tired right now.
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Another day, another play!

- seriously, this troll mask is so lame.
- I AM A 450 TAILORING TROLL. Just give me a pattern and I can make myself look like a Smolderthorn easily!

- beating sergeants to death with a cudgel makes a bonking noise!

- Doesn't look like you can get the Smolderweb Hatchling or the Worg Pup pets from Kibler's quests anymore, but you CAN get a Tiny Flamefly! I was hoping I'd be able to nab one~ :3

- Dear god, Nas has been like... undercover with everyone ever.
- which is hilarious when you consider I'm on an RP server and she was originally an undercover Scourgelord (lady?) in Undercity. Now look at her trollie ass go.

- it is nice not to have to run through Alliance Territory.

- Loggin' out of Nas and onto Raz.
- Nas has been skinning like crazy, and then mailing it all to Raz. So it's definitely time to make with the AHing.

- and now I have like... 70 stacks of various leathers on the auction house.

- logging into Octobre

- just flew over the ruins of Auberdine. Wow, that is just. Wow.

- aha ha ha... yeah so I just quick-spammed a half dozen things and dropped out of wow with speed never before seen. I forgot dad drove to work today, and he was kinda home earlier than expected.

- ...I flew into theramore and then got completely distracted by other things. I can't seem to focus on leveling today. Gonna do some more video editing.
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Today I am taking a break from Nastassja to work on Khyte.

Also, I have a grand total of like... six hours to figure out what the hell my "most fabulous" outfit is. :/

- Logged in, reset my talent points and took two steps off land into the Westrift. BOOM! Level 72! Grats, Khyte.
- well, it's better than that time Ro leveled from picking plants.

- BABY MURLOCS. Ah, I love this quest.

- Goddamn but Khyte's health disappears super fast. I'm thinking I need new armor, stat!

- ACK! I've been so used to grabbing the item with the highest sale price on Nas, that I did that on Khyte. And she NEEDS new gear, not money! ARGH.

- I think I'm starting to get the hang of Paladining again.
- of course, that would be when the game crashes on me.

- Ooo, my first relic.

- half way to level 73. I am le tired of doing these quests. Back to Nastassja!

- so we no longer plant seeds in the Charred Vale (understandable, it's half lava right now)-- we plant them in Desolace! Which looking fucking weird all green, by the way.

- I've always wanted a centaur mount.
- or playable centaur race. that would be fun.
- and hilarious

- there are more quests to be had in Desolace (there are 2 in my log, and two in shadowprey that I haven't done), but I've gotten the achievement, and am moving on to another zone.
- Yonko is at 5900, I'm at 5220. Long way to go...

- whoa, there's an orca outside of Shadowprey Village! Did it get lost?

- doin' a little fishin' to grab [ The Oceanographer ] and [ The Limnologist ]

- okay, maybe one more Desolace quest. Gonna kill that orca.
- If I can find him again.
- looks like there are more Orca out here now. I need Blubbergut, dammit!

- On to Feralas! Which is why I was in Shadowprey to begin with...

- Aw, the Gelkis don't like me anymore. And worked my butt off to get rep with them!
- I don't remember the Gelkis having elemental summoners before... must be why the gelkis don't like me

- Oh! I like the new Feralas map.

- Doesn't look like there are any new Horde FP in Feralas.

- Swinging down to the coast to see the new Feathermoon Stronghold/do some Ocean fishing. At a distance, it looks like there are dancing Worgen.
- they're "training" not dancing, but that's totally what it looks like.

- okay, so apparently there is a new FP. Squinting at the map without my glasses on really isn't the best way to pick out a red winged boot.

- I don't have any lead-in fedexes for Feralas. Maybe I missed something in Desolace?
- there's a breadcrumb quest in Desolace. Except that it hasn't been finished. There are no listed Objectives, and no one to turn it in to XD

- To Camp Mojache!

- Hadoken Swiftstrider? oh god XD XD XD XD

- n-n-new costume! I wanna cosplay as Ysondre!

- dancing ogres!

- man I have to stop jumping off of cliffs to get places. I can never find my way back out...

- Logged off of Nas and onto Gret. Some of her potions (she's an Alchemist) have been removed from the game. Left in their places are "Shattered Vial" x9 and "Melted Vial" x1

- Changed Legrettia's name. I've been having issues with that name since about a week after I transferred her to The Scryers. She will hopefully be "Nyxondra", after the Black Dragon that flies over the Ruins of Kargath, in about an hour.

- ...or thirty seconds. Wow, that email came fast.

- I should totally check out those ruins soon.

Okay, well it looks like that's it for me today. I still have no effing clue what I'm wearing tonight, but I need to start getting ready, as I plan to do a little bit of shopping before I meet up with the girls. See you tomorrow, when I chronicle Raiding with Ice Cream!
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Day three brings more delicious new content, as well as my attempt to get my Christmas shopping done. I know there's a bit more shopping left for me to do, but at least I got all the pieces for my crafty gifts.

There is also a big toothed monster laying under my chair, waiting dropped foods. Ichi my Ichi! You will have to do better than that to get my chips!

Before we start... Horde rep is 7237/12000 Honored.

- Back to Ashenvale I go! Got 43 quests to get the achievement, so I might as well :)

- why do Furbolg ears look like purple bat ear things?


- I earned an NPC's respect by being recockulously overpowered for this zone. I mean. Because I killed a dude he couldn't.

- goddamn but it's hard to see these arrows
- the collect / heal / kill trio of quests seems to be pretty standard these days

- I'm not sure why, but killing Ashenvale Skirmishers pulls the mob right to me. It's really awkward when I'm killing as I run

- "You don't look very tough."
I'm a priest, of course I don't. But pro-tip. I'm 61 levels higher than you.

- I'm driving a kodo while an NPC attacks things. Lazy person quest!

- man, why don't any of MY Kodos have lightning shock attacks?

- "Hi! My name's Uthil. We're going to be such good friends once you're dead." XD

- Hmm, I think there's some bugs here. The quest completer persons that are underground keep showing on my minimap as above ground until I'm standing on top of them. At which point it's like "lol i'm underground nuhb"
- that 'h' is on purpose.

- sweet, wowhead actually has information on the new quests.
- "Security!" is a pain in the ass quest.

- damn damn damn. 67/80 quests. No more ?s on my map of ashenvale... all I've got left is a delivery to Org. Guess I'll run that...
- at 69/80 now. Apparently the achievement is bugged? No one seems able to reach the mythical 80th quest. The highest I've seen is 74.


- I think they reduced the sparkle on quest items. I'm having way more difficulties than usual finding them.
- or maybe it's the fact that this ENTIRE RIVER GLOWS.

- Lyxan is abusing Hamboigahs. I really shouldn't encourage her.

- Eulogised Omusa Thunderhorn (the old Wind Rider Master in Camp T) and he... flew away on a ghostly wyvern. /clap

- AHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh my god, that is priceless! There's an "orc" wandering around, and when you reveal him for the spy he is he reverts to a human wearing an orc halloween mask XD

- I just noticed that the guards are saluting me as I enter towns and fortresses.

- Mankrik in Southern Barrens! I got the achievement for the zone, but I really want to do the rest of his questline. That will have to wait until tomorrow, though.

- Logged on to Razimskati. Just makin' stacks and stacks of leather. She's capped to 300, but that doesn't mean I can't use up all this stuff Nas has skinned.
- I have made three pieces of Thick Leather from a good ten stacks of Light Leather. Go me!

- Logging onto Ovan... damn, the BC loading screens look pretty damn epic now.
- sadness, none of my auctions sold.
- granted, I have 784 gold on a level 22 Hunter...

- Logging in to Rivendark (nelf drood) for the first time. New maps look cool.
- Bored now. (all I did was pick up one quest)

- Backtracking so I can get onto Octobre...
- ...okay, so I'm rolling a troll drood first. Vyragosa, after the dragon. I mean dude. I already have one named for a Black Dragon. A Blue Dragon is just... right.

- Logging in to Octobre...
- Moonglade's map is different. I didn't spend a whole lot of time up here so I'm not sure how different the zone is.
- FYI, Octobre is only level 45.

- Checkin' out Darkshore.
- Wow, that map is a beautiful/terrible thing. Wow.
- 90 Quests in Darkshore. I'll check them out later.
- Lor'danael looks pretty cool. Very reminiscent of Teldrassil, not-so-much of old!Darkshore.

And that's it for me tonight. I have other things to do (mostly artsy) and I don't want to be up until midnight tonight.

See you tomorrow!


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The Scryers

Nastassja - 6475 ap
- Skinning/Tailoring
- 35 Reps @ Exalted
- Scryers (13015/R)
- Oracles (12201/R)
- Hyjal (5878/R)
- Therazane (7630/R)
- DMC (10562/H)
- Ramkahen (4405/H)
- Ashtongue (1161/H)
- Keepers (6855/R)
- Violet Eye (9120/R)

- Herbs/Alchemist

- Miner/Blacksmith

- Skinning/Leather

- Leather/Enchanting

- Mining/Engineering

- Herbalist/Inscription


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