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- Logged on Nas and got into TB almost immediately.
- do I really have to say that we won?

- looks like TBP dailies stack. A few of the dailies had changed from what was in my log, but I was able to pick up the new ones without losing the old ones. So I got a nice chunk of commendations.
- up to 45 now.

- logging onto Bre
- Searing Gorge quests are still amusing. And surprisingly easy considering that I'm at-level for them.
- ding~ 52!
- Man, Bre needs bigger bags.
- good thing I've got so much gold.

- went back onto Nas
- spent the afternoon pvping. lots of dumbasses out there, on both sides
- did not, however, ever Dwarf Slayer.
- stupid dwarf locks...

- picked up pvp belt and boots today for Nas
- and grabbed three more mounts from Argent Tournament
- am now at 90 mounts

- am also headachey and sleepy now
- bed time for Khyte-girl.
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Short play time today, I've got a party to go to tonight and still need to wash out the booze bag.

- Raz and Nas have been checked for mail.
- Neither Dark nor Silver are on, so not going to be doing 3s or 2s.

- to Bre I go.

- got Bre's leatherworking up to 140.
- she is currently half way through level 51

- quick bit on Nyx...
- finished two of the quests in Uldum that I found annoying (Mangy Hyenas and Ornate Tablets)
- and now I am going to go wash the booze bag.
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- love love LOVE the [ Last Relic of Argus ]
- today it took me to the wetlands.

- and now my archaeology is at 390
- as a bonus, I'm also working on [ Clockwork Gnome ]

- huh
- apparently, despite having finished the Lashtail Hatchling quest line, you can still spawn latchtail hatchlings that follow you around if you run through their breeding grounds. Curious.
- taking a quick trip to Bambala to see if there are any new quests that pertain to this...
- nope
- and it looks like my flight despawned the little guy. oh well.

- 3 minutes until muffins.
- I mean TB.
- yes I am playing wow and baking at the same time.
- it's actually a terrible idea, but I keep doing it.
- (they are banana and chocolate chip muffins if anyone cares)

- delicious muffins. mmm.
- oh and we won TB.

- 24 commendations as of now. Need to finish my dailies.
- ugh, I don't feel like doing dailies. 29 commendations.

- on to bre.
- got a handful of quests done. Lunk is as amusing as ever
- hit 51

- so damn tired.
- going onto Vyra to get her into Org and then... I think I'm going to bed.
- I am aware that it is only 5:30pm. I'm tired goddammit.
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I'm tired of playing Horde.

Time to play Alliance!
Gonna do some leveling on Bre /o/

- yay! level 47
- did half of the Eastern Plaguelands quests then bounced down to the Badlands
- 48!
- 68% of the way to 49 and now I'm bored. Of course I am.

- and Vyra is now level 7. focus, I have none.
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Merry Christmas everyone!

- I've always found it amusing how people bitch about mobs that get stuck in walls and evade.
- if you get within melee distance, so they can hit you, you can absolutely trash a stuck mob.
- and when it respawns it is no longer stuck.

- Alrightie, I've completed the Hyjal quests (finally)
- and I can smell bacon! mmm, christmas breakfast~

- it was a delicious breakfast.
- and now to go back to playing warcraft before present opening time.
- okay, so I'm opening my warcraft presents.

- sweet! Got [ Let's Do Lunch ]

- switching to Ovan for presentses

- onto Bre!

- oh wow...
- I haven't been through Sorrow Hill since well before 4.0.1
- so it is super weird to see it so... nice...

- stopped for x-mas prezzies
- mom got me the official warcraft mouse!
- it's quite a bit bigger than my old mouse, so it'll take some getting used too.

- ran Dire Maul East
- clusterfuck of a pug. there was a lot of yelling in between pulls.
- no good drops, but then I'm level 46, and DME was dropped to a level 36 dungeon.

- today is apparently a day for failpugs, given the guild chatter.

- taking a break. need to do something else for awhile.
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Another day, another play!

- seriously, this troll mask is so lame.
- I AM A 450 TAILORING TROLL. Just give me a pattern and I can make myself look like a Smolderthorn easily!

- beating sergeants to death with a cudgel makes a bonking noise!

- Doesn't look like you can get the Smolderweb Hatchling or the Worg Pup pets from Kibler's quests anymore, but you CAN get a Tiny Flamefly! I was hoping I'd be able to nab one~ :3

- Dear god, Nas has been like... undercover with everyone ever.
- which is hilarious when you consider I'm on an RP server and she was originally an undercover Scourgelord (lady?) in Undercity. Now look at her trollie ass go.

- it is nice not to have to run through Alliance Territory.

- Loggin' out of Nas and onto Raz.
- Nas has been skinning like crazy, and then mailing it all to Raz. So it's definitely time to make with the AHing.

- and now I have like... 70 stacks of various leathers on the auction house.

- logging into Octobre

- just flew over the ruins of Auberdine. Wow, that is just. Wow.

- aha ha ha... yeah so I just quick-spammed a half dozen things and dropped out of wow with speed never before seen. I forgot dad drove to work today, and he was kinda home earlier than expected.

- ...I flew into theramore and then got completely distracted by other things. I can't seem to focus on leveling today. Gonna do some more video editing.
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Day three brings more delicious new content, as well as my attempt to get my Christmas shopping done. I know there's a bit more shopping left for me to do, but at least I got all the pieces for my crafty gifts.

There is also a big toothed monster laying under my chair, waiting dropped foods. Ichi my Ichi! You will have to do better than that to get my chips!

Before we start... Horde rep is 7237/12000 Honored.

- Back to Ashenvale I go! Got 43 quests to get the achievement, so I might as well :)

- why do Furbolg ears look like purple bat ear things?


- I earned an NPC's respect by being recockulously overpowered for this zone. I mean. Because I killed a dude he couldn't.

- goddamn but it's hard to see these arrows
- the collect / heal / kill trio of quests seems to be pretty standard these days

- I'm not sure why, but killing Ashenvale Skirmishers pulls the mob right to me. It's really awkward when I'm killing as I run

- "You don't look very tough."
I'm a priest, of course I don't. But pro-tip. I'm 61 levels higher than you.

- I'm driving a kodo while an NPC attacks things. Lazy person quest!

- man, why don't any of MY Kodos have lightning shock attacks?

- "Hi! My name's Uthil. We're going to be such good friends once you're dead." XD

- Hmm, I think there's some bugs here. The quest completer persons that are underground keep showing on my minimap as above ground until I'm standing on top of them. At which point it's like "lol i'm underground nuhb"
- that 'h' is on purpose.

- sweet, wowhead actually has information on the new quests.
- "Security!" is a pain in the ass quest.

- damn damn damn. 67/80 quests. No more ?s on my map of ashenvale... all I've got left is a delivery to Org. Guess I'll run that...
- at 69/80 now. Apparently the achievement is bugged? No one seems able to reach the mythical 80th quest. The highest I've seen is 74.


- I think they reduced the sparkle on quest items. I'm having way more difficulties than usual finding them.
- or maybe it's the fact that this ENTIRE RIVER GLOWS.

- Lyxan is abusing Hamboigahs. I really shouldn't encourage her.

- Eulogised Omusa Thunderhorn (the old Wind Rider Master in Camp T) and he... flew away on a ghostly wyvern. /clap

- AHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh my god, that is priceless! There's an "orc" wandering around, and when you reveal him for the spy he is he reverts to a human wearing an orc halloween mask XD

- I just noticed that the guards are saluting me as I enter towns and fortresses.

- Mankrik in Southern Barrens! I got the achievement for the zone, but I really want to do the rest of his questline. That will have to wait until tomorrow, though.

- Logged on to Razimskati. Just makin' stacks and stacks of leather. She's capped to 300, but that doesn't mean I can't use up all this stuff Nas has skinned.
- I have made three pieces of Thick Leather from a good ten stacks of Light Leather. Go me!

- Logging onto Ovan... damn, the BC loading screens look pretty damn epic now.
- sadness, none of my auctions sold.
- granted, I have 784 gold on a level 22 Hunter...

- Logging in to Rivendark (nelf drood) for the first time. New maps look cool.
- Bored now. (all I did was pick up one quest)

- Backtracking so I can get onto Octobre...
- ...okay, so I'm rolling a troll drood first. Vyragosa, after the dragon. I mean dude. I already have one named for a Black Dragon. A Blue Dragon is just... right.

- Logging in to Octobre...
- Moonglade's map is different. I didn't spend a whole lot of time up here so I'm not sure how different the zone is.
- FYI, Octobre is only level 45.

- Checkin' out Darkshore.
- Wow, that map is a beautiful/terrible thing. Wow.
- 90 Quests in Darkshore. I'll check them out later.
- Lor'danael looks pretty cool. Very reminiscent of Teldrassil, not-so-much of old!Darkshore.

And that's it for me tonight. I have other things to do (mostly artsy) and I don't want to be up until midnight tonight.

See you tomorrow!


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The Scryers

Nastassja - 6475 ap
- Skinning/Tailoring
- 35 Reps @ Exalted
- Scryers (13015/R)
- Oracles (12201/R)
- Hyjal (5878/R)
- Therazane (7630/R)
- DMC (10562/H)
- Ramkahen (4405/H)
- Ashtongue (1161/H)
- Keepers (6855/R)
- Violet Eye (9120/R)

- Herbs/Alchemist

- Miner/Blacksmith

- Skinning/Leather

- Leather/Enchanting

- Mining/Engineering

- Herbalist/Inscription


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