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Short play time today, I've got a party to go to tonight and still need to wash out the booze bag.

- Raz and Nas have been checked for mail.
- Neither Dark nor Silver are on, so not going to be doing 3s or 2s.

- to Bre I go.

- got Bre's leatherworking up to 140.
- she is currently half way through level 51

- quick bit on Nyx...
- finished two of the quests in Uldum that I found annoying (Mangy Hyenas and Ornate Tablets)
- and now I am going to go wash the booze bag.
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Goddamit it bliz, stop with the login problems already.

- Ran around working on my archaeology.
- finished a mail helm. It's for level 70s. So it's sitting on Ovan until that improbable day comes.
- Got up to 370 before TB popped.

- we were attacking. Wall and Exile spent the last ten minutes arguing instead of PvPing.
- we lost.

- continued with Archaeology. Now up to 385.
- got my Raptor~

- switching to Octobre
- 49!

- [ The Day that Deathwing Came: What Really Happened ]
- "I believe I was showing my motorcycle to some hot babes at the time"
- and when I choose someone else he goes "No! I love you Martek!"
- ahahahahahaha
- he apparently beat Deathwing in a knife fight. but since Lucien and Theldurin decided to interrupt, we don't get to find out how ;p

- apparently WE ARE VIKINGS

- [ level 50 ]!
- aaaand 30 seconds later, [ 500 quests ]

- I should work on my OSI entry. To SAI!
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- just figured out why my volume wouldn't go past a certain point. I had the master volume in warcrack turned down.

- lol Stormcaller Mylra is my kind of interrogator.

- ...scazgrin. Ugh. Every time I see him about, I just shudder. Long story.


- haha hit 83 on a herb

- the best part of old world flying is that I can get to the boats before they leave.

- taking a long flight from Darnasuss to Tanaris; picking up the FPs along the way. I'm curious to know how long it takes when you have epic flying.

- Into Uldum we go!
- With Budd and Adarrah.
- could've sworn I left them in the ocean...

- go cutscene go~
- seems like we've been sold into slavery.

- oh good god. Why do they even let Budd come up with ideas? Wait... wasn't this the same genius who thought he was a troll in Wrath?

- Uldum's sands actually blow

- alright, I'm tired of dying. Gonna switch off Nyx for now.
- geez, just picked up some stuff out of my mailbox. Nyx went from having 40gold when Cata dropped to having 2260g. Very nice.

- Logging onto Nas to start her grind to 85.

- ...adarrah and budd get around.

- yup, exactly the same as the alliance side.

- having already done these quests makes it so much easier to do them all over again.

- I love the fact that "Thrall's balls" is actually used as an expletive by an NPC.

- alright, half way through level 80. And now I don't want to play Nas anymore. :/

- logged onto Mekannie for the first time-- my Goblin Priest.

- alrightie, Mekannie is level 3. And Warcrack decided to kick me off the server, so I'm going to end the play time right here.
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- OKAY. SO IT IS ENTIRELY POSSIBLE to fly your mount from Stormwind to Vashj'ir. It's just not the best of ideas. I died of fatigue about 2 seconds after the name popped on my screen.

- MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION!! totally died in the same second that my enemy did.

- Hehehehe worgen dogpaddle~
- I haven't mentioned this before, shockingly.

- they're attacking a Whale Shark named "Wil'hai". It is neutral to me. Quest line??
- yup, just found the quest giver

- Aaaand there he goes. One ancient level 85 elite Whale Shark saved.

- I really need to start paying more attention to my own health.

- [Defending the Rift ] is apparently bugged. Goddammit! That's the last quest in this fucking questline :/

- I'm going to try not touching a DAMN THING. The NPCs keep vanishing when I move the mouse, so I guess I've got a few minutes of not doing anything.

- nope, nothing. I'm starting to wonder if it's the dumbass gnome that logged out dead on the ship :/

- awesome, going off the tip of Dun Morogh to Vashj'ir works a LOT better.

- okay, now that I've set my Hearth to Deepmist Grotto, I'm going to see if I can get this damn quest done. I've been abandoning the quest to get out, but this time I hearthed, and am now flying to the battle area.

- Well that didn't work. Guess I'll try again later.

- Entering Deepholme.

- /sigh
- done a handful of quests in Deepholme, but I am completely incapable of focusing right now. just poof! lost it.

See ya later.
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(its 4 in the morning, do you know where your avatar is at?)

Well, Nyx is officially Alliance. We'll see how well this turns out. I really should be going back to bed soon...

- it's only now that I realize that I haven't explored the Alliance side of things as well as I have the Horde.

- Well, I found Thrall.

- forgot I had like... zero money on Nyx. Sent 140 from Izaelia, but that's going to take some time to arrive. The 40 from Octobre handled me putting a whole lotta herbs on the AH.

- I should go up and turn my alarm clock off.
- of course, after saying so I start yawning like crazy. I'll turn in these dailies, get my herbalism, and then it is off to bed for me.

- hahaha Nyx is being sheltered by dragon wings!
- there's a druid on an albino drake standing in just the perfect position.

- been having fun listening to the NPCs chatter on the dock, but it's a pain in the ass to wait so long.
- "Today Hellscream shall learn the lesson that Thrall failed to teach him... Stormwind shall never fall!"

- cutscenes again~

- totally didn't go to bed. Now it is time to get breakfast and go to work.

I'm back!

- good fucking god! The respawn rate on these fuckers is phenomenal! There's a new mob appearing before you've even finished with the first!

- The sea legs buff is very nice. Eating under the water~!


- Riiiiiiding on a shaaaaaark~

- God, I died so many damn times in the last quest chain. SO MANY TIMES.
- hate this rapid respawn rate

- oh cool. Apparently I can jump in on someone else's quest mob and still get the completion for it.

- I've been staring at the octopus staff I'm wearing for like... an hour now. It's fucking creepy.

- I think I'm starting to get the hang of Warlocking again.

- Man oh man, there is nothing but beauty in these zones.

I should really pack up and head off to bed. It's been a long long day, and Nyx has hit 82. Quite proud of myself for that, actually. When one considers that Nyx spent four years at level 60... well. Just leveling her at all tends to be worthy of praise, let alone essentially making it half way through the expansion levels.

Alrightie, Nyx is now up-to-date on her Alchemy as well as Herbs, and has her Azeroth Flying License. When I play tomorrow I'll update her Warlockiness, and then it's back out into the deep blue see to keep grinding away at those levels. Night all!


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The Scryers

Nastassja - 6475 ap
- Skinning/Tailoring
- 35 Reps @ Exalted
- Scryers (13015/R)
- Oracles (12201/R)
- Hyjal (5878/R)
- Therazane (7630/R)
- DMC (10562/H)
- Ramkahen (4405/H)
- Ashtongue (1161/H)
- Keepers (6855/R)
- Violet Eye (9120/R)

- Herbs/Alchemist

- Miner/Blacksmith

- Skinning/Leather

- Leather/Enchanting

- Mining/Engineering

- Herbalist/Inscription


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