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2011-02-11 09:28 pm

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I need to stop skipping posts on days when I'm playing.

Quick run through of the past week's gameplay:

- Nas finished all the Love is in the Air quests she'd ignored last year.
- it's actually kinda funny to see all the '09 achievements and then the three '11 achievements
- so yes, she is now a Love Fool

- helped Lyx get her black drake last week.

- helped Sal get [ Fistful of Love ] by rolling Tronzler the Gnome Warlock
- promptly rerolled him as a Death Knight. 
- I am pure win, okay

- Tronzler is now level 59

- hit Exalted with the Violet Eye
- and got to 12521/21000 with Keepers of Time
- I'm being lazy and haven't run the dungeons for it

- still haven't finished grinding for my spirit wolf mount from Tol Barad
- only need 15 more, actually

- killed Nyxondra enough times to get my Dark Riding Talbuk
- need to kill her 62 more times to get the Dark War Talbuk
- and then I have to grind 190 Oshu'gun Powder
- yay

- Octobre is sitting pretty at level 55.

- bunch of other boring stuff happened

- raided Stormwind. Died a lot.

- I need to respec my heal spec
- and play it more often so I don't fail quite so hard at it

- did my TB dailies. Now I only need ten more commendations for my wolf.
- did the Love is in the Air dungeon. Got myself a pretty little ooze thinger pet

- meanwhile, I'm also buying tron merchandise.

- gonna work on some more Keepers rep

- now I'm at 13900/21000
- so that's... 7100 rep to go
- roughly 459 kills in heroic durn
- ...I don't think there are that many kills in hdurn

- oh well, lets let Thrall die a few times and see what I come up with!

- 453 449 442 438
- now at 14234
- my previous calculation was done at 15.5 rep per kill
- I'm thinking it might be closer to 15.75 per kill. I'm tending to get three 16s and then a 15.
- if that's the case, then my new calculation would be...
- 21000-14234 = 6766/15.75 = 429.5873, or 430 kills. saved myself 8 kills there.

- not factoring in boss kills, of course
- or those stupid 3 rep dogs

- 424 420 416 412... killed lt drake... 386

- I find it kinda hilarious that even durnholde is decorated for Love is in the Air
- aw man I think I fucked up.
- no I didn't! awesome
- third time through now. sitting at 15498

- oooh Nas was just made an officer
- mostly because the GM wanted someone to be able to promote her alts but hey any reason is good
- totally shouldn't abuse my power to put stupid notes on my alts

- this is so utterly ridiculous
- but hey, I'm at 16632 now

- and now I am tired, so I will actually keep Thrall alive this time
- the captain is killed and I am now at 17461/21000
- that means I need something like... 224 more kills.
- kill all the guards around tarren mill, then set thrall off and... kill more guards!
- now sitting pretty with 17950
- finished off the heroic with 18370 rep
- I'll hit Exalted tomorrow. for now I need sleep.

night everyone
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2011-02-05 10:33 am

(no subject)

Once again I have skipped many days of playing because I have been lazy.
Recap time!

- Nyxondra is now level 85!
- it took me so goddamn long because I could not STAND that retarded snuffling the worgens do when they stand around too long. For serious, its the same nose my dog makes just before he's going to vomit.

- so Nyx is now a Dwarf.

- which also got OMG BRB Icecream Truck [ Alliance Slayer ], seeing as I was killing her on Nas
- killing her in Halaa
- I get both honor and Halaa battle tokens for that.
- I consider this a good cause
- (it took 7 deaths for me to remember to take Nyx's armor off...)

- what else...?
- Raz is still parked in UC, Ovan in org, Khyte in Agmar's Hammer...
- oh right!
- Vyragosa!

- partied Vyra and Nas up, and dragged her through RFC. Taking her to WC right now, actually
- got her Inscription up to 46, too

- Alrightie, WC is completed on Vyra, and now I will be going offline for reasons of I need new pants. :p
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2011-01-29 03:21 pm

(no subject)

Hey everyone!
okay, so it's doubtful anyone is reading this, but I can pretend.

So while I haven't posted anything in a few days, I have played. Some. Kinda. I've been very tired recently, okay? And there's also the fact that my laptop has been dying even harder than before.

But there is good news to be had! I HAVE MY NEW COMPUTER!
In fact, I am posting from it right now as I wait for 4.0.3 to finish patching. Isn't this GRAND?!

haha. Anyways, it was a damn good thing that I got my dad to come with me to pick it up. The impression I'd gotten from all the stores I'd visited while considering what computer to buy was that the tower would be fairly compact. This was so not true. It's about the same length as the width of the couch I'm currently sitting on, and a good foot and a half high. There is no way I would have been able to carry the box it came in all by my lonesome.

The next thing I need to get is a new monitor. I've been using a widescreen monitor for four or five years now, so this big square thing just seems awkward. Not to mention it's actually pretty old and the pixels are going in some places. This shouldn't cause a problem for video-taking or making, it's just like... hazy blurry spots here and there.

and while I know the first thing I should have done was to install my antivirus programs, the first thing I did was install vegas. Followed by starting the cataclysm install (the computer came with up to the last wrath patch installed), and THEN my antivirus programs. Don't you love my priorities? :p

Anyways, I do have warcraft up on my laptop right now, since it's going to be a bit before I can play it on this system, so I'll get down to business.

- Achievements gained over the last few days: [ 35 Exalted Reputations ], [ Emerald Void ], [ Amber Void ], [ Grand Ice Mammoth ]

- that means I did, indeed, get Lower City rep up to Exalted
- and I made 8k gold to buy a mammoth
- then there was the whole "destroying my toe" thing that stopped me from getting any more achievements on tuesday
- it's hard to raid, even them easy wrath heroics, when you've been bleeding for ten minutes and it's all you can think about.

- so, 94 mounts are mine.
- now to figure out which one to go after next...

- Guild reputation is sitting at a cool 200 from Revered
- a few more dailies and I'll be a Veteran of omgbrb
- oh, and omgbrb is now a level 7 guild.

- wtf?
- so someone comes running up while I'm doing Glop, Son of Glop, and attacks. That's cool, this quest is designed with that in mind.
- But...
- Glop despawned
- I go running back and Norsala has already respawned. Not only respawned, but been set off on the quest, and Glop is already off and running.
- thankfully, when I tagged in on Glop he didn't despawn but that was just weird.

- booyah! Revered with the guild.

- time to dig in and do some Keepers of Time reputation.
- only need Keepers, Dragonmaw, and Earthen Ring to get the guild achievement [ Dungeon Diplomat ]
- and I know Lyx/Mad will get Dragonmaw and Earthen Ring before me.

- or maybe I'll just run around killing critters for awhile. We're sitting at 18924/50000 for [ Critter Kill Squad ]

- apparently I am doing neither, as I am running off to do low level quests.
- and now I'm doing archaeology

- aw yeah, I got my new computer set up and I am dual boxin' the way I've always wanted too.
- without glitches.

- gonna take some getting used to with this keyboard, though.

- and then I went to go rescue my mother from the snow and cold. 2 hours of driving later, and I get home just in time to do some raiding.

- Killed Sarth
- Killed Kael'thas
- took some video for "Black Temple"

- got archaeology up to 525

- drank 3 beer

- I think I'm good for the night. Time to work on customizing the new computer a bit more.
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2011-01-24 07:51 pm

(no subject)

Did I post last night? I don't think I did.

So we tried to run Lich King. We failed. Repeatedly.
So we did Sarth 3D. Guess who got the dragon? That's right, Nas did~
And then we ran Magetherion's Lair.
Followed by me going to bed.

- Today has involved me running around trying to do achievements.
- and then getting distracted
- but hey, I got exalted with Bilgewater :D

- Sadly, it would appear that grinding rep in Utgarde Pinnacle only works with non-cata reputations

- oh well. back to the achievements.

- wtf
- aw man, apparently there's a time limit for how many dungeons you can enter in a certain amount of time.

- la la la

- okay, I can go in again

- booyah!
- after two years, I am now Elder Nastassja.
- yes it totally took two years
- mostly because I did zip all towards long strange trip last year.
- I haven't done ANYTHING for Noble Garden
- two achievements for Love Fool
- two for Children's Week
- five for Merry Maker
- and then I'll be done.

- quit running crypts half way through. It's ten to ten, I need to shower and go to bed.
- I'll be exalted with Lower City by tomorrow night, though. Only need 3.7k rep that's two and a half runs or so.

- and then it's just Keepers for [ The Burning Crusader ]

- and just bought my goblin trikes. Now up to 93/100 mounts.
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2011-01-22 10:29 am

(no subject)

Running Lich King tonight. In the meantime...

- going back to Kara to defeat Nightbane
- mmm delicious reputation
- Nas is now sitting at 9120/21000 Revered with The Violet Eye

- switched over to Ovan briefly. Picked up like... 5 quests. Did 4. Logged off.
- did the same to Bre

- and now Nyx

- back to Nas!
- and apparently I can't trash kill Black Temple, even with Lyx for back up.
- we need Mull
- but he's at work
- so no Mull for us.

- Lyx has logged.
- gonna do some dungeon rep grinding
- to Sethekk Halls!

- I should probably empty my bags first

- aw, no mount
- but I do have 8392/21000 lower city rep now
- on to Crypts!

- ...empty your bags, idiot.

- full clear of Crypts and I am now at 10511/21000
- Half way there!
- lets see how much further shadow labs will get me

- okay seriously. why do I keep forgetting to empty my bags?

- I've only successfully soloed Murmur once, and I don't even know how I did it. Chance, maybe
- crossing my fingers that I can do it again, but I'm only going to make one attempt at it

- ...
- that's hilarious
- I was PLANNING on dying, as an easy way to get back to the entrance
- and then I defeated Murmur
- go figure.

- as a bonus, that full clear has brought me up to 13643
- that's 7288 rep from this afternoon
- guess that means if I do full clears tomorrow, I'll be exalted by monday.

- Thrallmar rep is at 13335, so I should probably do that next.
- but I want to do my dailies first.
- to Tol Barad Pennisula!

- commendations are up to 91 now
- 74 left to go.

- to ramps!
- and yay I remember to clean out my bags
- mostly because I put 12 stacks of netherweave on the auction house...

- came out of ramps with 15711

- and I forgot to empty my bags again. But this time I didn't notice until 90% of the way through Shattered Halls
- full clear has brought me to 18513 :D

- exalted with Thrallmar, and I haven't even defeated the last boss of Blood Furnace

- moved on to... something, I don't remember what. then we went on the Lich King Raid
- there was much amusement and much death of Paikan
- death aside, we didn't finish all that much. We're going back tomorrow, but I get the feeling we'll be headed back on Monday night, too.
- and it resets on Tuesday so...

(and apparently I completely forgot to post this last night. Again. I gotta stop doing that.)

- was on very briefly this morning, did some of Elders of the Dungeons, which I have put off for like... three years now.
- discovered that I can still get rep from Wrath heroics.
- discovered that I can solo Wrath Heroic trash.
- Also that Utgard Pinnacle gives me rep in normal
- I will obviously be abusing this
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2011-01-21 05:29 pm

(no subject)

Let's Grinding Rep!

Rep grinding is notoriously boring. What I've got right now are mostly dungeon reputations.

- working on Keepers of Time
- ground about 4k rep with full clears of Old Hillsbrad and the dark portal. Plus some trash on a little run back to OH in order to kick Don Carlos' ass.

- onto Thrallmar rep!
- Lyx is doing Free Pie Day again
- Ovan won a whole bunch of belf pets. One of each kind, I think.
- Nas got a pile of 8 items with "gold" in the name
- idefk

- And now Lyx wants to run Kara
- totally cool with this

- Yay reputation!
- We got our individual achievements for the kara run, but we're going to have to come back with a full group to get the guild achievement.
- aw, everyone has to go
- guess I'll finish clearing the trash by myself :3

- Got myself an extra 2k reputation clearing out the rest of the trash. Kicked me up into Revered :D
- and now to hand in some quests.

- "it's not an easy task to raise a whole dragon from the dead"
- yup, sure. that's why Arthas has an army of them. lol
- up to 2295/21000 now
- and now I must go kill things in Heroic Sethekk Halls and Heroic Shattered Halls
- how convenient! I'd only finished Ramps before the kara run, so now I can get some more thrallmar rep

- oh goddammit
- of course NOW my head would start pounding :/
- gonna bail on finishing the rest of Shattered Halls. Quick run to Sethekk to get the tome (and maybe farm a mount...) and then it's back to Area 52 for the turn in.

- cata has been spoiling me with the lack of fed-ex quests. I'd almost forgotten what they were like.

- yeah no patience + headache = definitely not full clearing sethekk.

- /sigh no mount

- 3150 rep for one quest turn in? Holy shit.
- I am now sitting at 5707/21000 for The Violet Eye

- I do believe this is a good time to log and go to bed. What with it being midnight and all.
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2011-01-20 03:22 pm

(no subject)

No gaming yesterday as I was going to the movies with some friends. Saw Black Swan.

It was terrible.

- Tol Barad is in progress, but I don't feel like pvping right now.
- Working on [ Hinterland Quests ], have 7/30

- I wonder if they're going to do anything with Seradane... it looks kinda sad all empty-like.

- thar we go, hinterlands done. Which means I've finally finished the back-log of achievements for that loremaster I got months ago ;p

- where oh where is the Lost Relic taking me today...? Northern Stranglethorn, apparently.

- attempting to solo AQ40
- w00t I can take down 4 trash at once
- buuuuuut not the 1st boss
- this was kinda expected.

- molten core... nah. for the amount of rep I get, it's just too slow by myself. maybe on the weekend with omgbrb

- bored now.
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2011-01-18 04:45 pm

(no subject)

A quick recap of yesterday:
- Got [ Heroic: Magister's Terrace ]
- which means I also got [ Outland Dungeon Hero ]
- Also nailed [ Northern Exposure ], [ Master in Archaeology ] and [ Grand Master in Archaeology ]
- ran most of Karazhan, but Lyx had to leave around the time we hit the Chess Match, so we bailed
- got a nice chunk of rep, though. Violet Eye is now at 2310/12000
- then I went to bed, but couldn't sleep until well after midnight.

- logged in on top of Vyragosa's dead body. :(
- did some Argent Tournament dailies
- Lost TB. We were all very sad.

- leveled Vyra up to 10 so I could use her for raid solos

- just noticed that a new guildie has booted me out of 2nd place on the achievements points :(

- ran some heroics for thrallmar rep. Am now halfway through revered.
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2011-01-11 03:06 pm

(no subject)

Goddamit it bliz, stop with the login problems already.

- Ran around working on my archaeology.
- finished a mail helm. It's for level 70s. So it's sitting on Ovan until that improbable day comes.
- Got up to 370 before TB popped.

- we were attacking. Wall and Exile spent the last ten minutes arguing instead of PvPing.
- we lost.

- continued with Archaeology. Now up to 385.
- got my Raptor~

- switching to Octobre
- 49!

- [ The Day that Deathwing Came: What Really Happened ]
- "I believe I was showing my motorcycle to some hot babes at the time"
- and when I choose someone else he goes "No! I love you Martek!"
- ahahahahahaha
- he apparently beat Deathwing in a knife fight. but since Lucien and Theldurin decided to interrupt, we don't get to find out how ;p

- apparently WE ARE VIKINGS

- [ level 50 ]!
- aaaand 30 seconds later, [ 500 quests ]

- I should work on my OSI entry. To SAI!
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2011-01-09 12:46 pm

(no subject)

- just wasted 200gold to go up 4 points in tailoring. on the upside, I am now at 519
- and then 20 minutes putting junk on the AH.
- now to waste some time digging up nelf trinkets in hopes I'll get some bone sites to pop.

- up to 340 archaeology, just completed the Highbourne Soul Mirror
- and now I will shower so I can go buy comic books in an hour.
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2011-01-08 11:16 am

(no subject)

Thank you blizzard, for your login problems.

- wow, that twin peaks battle was painful.
- we were doing well until the first time the Alliance capped a flag
- and then it was like "lol roll over and DIE"
- since no one but my poor little priest ass was actually going after the flag barer.

- as per the norm. We won TB.
- after TB dailies, I now have 189 commendations.
- once I get the TBP dailies done, I'll just have to win two more TBs to get my drake :D

- levitate is an awesome ability

- Got [ To all the Squirrels Who Cared for Me ]

- worked on my archaeology a bit, only completed one more piece, but found 40 fossil fragments for my raptor.

- TB popped, and 3 commendations!
- oh! It switched the dailies today :3
- I gots m'drake, I gots m'drake~

- hot damn does it look cool in shadowform!!

- got a couple more archaeology fragments
- decided to run Heroic: Escape from Durnholde while I was in Tanaris.
- yay! Thrall didn't glitch out on me today!
- Now all I have is Heroic Magister's Terrace to get [ Outland Raider ]

- Hah! got out with 3mins until TB

- we won, duh.
- and the dailies changed again.
- up to 4 commendations now. Got a bit of a ways to go in order to get my sparkley wolf, but I am now on my way~

- going to do some more archeology stuffs

- up to 300 arky
- running around in Outland to get some Orc and Draenai stuff done and... huh. might as well do [ Bloody Rare ] while I'm at it.
- grabbed seven mobs on top of the two I'd already had.

- ...and now the only race that I'm not hunting down 100+ pieces for rare artifacts is troll. /sigh

- skipped TB for the first time in a long long time.

- Eh, too tired to focus. gonna log.
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2011-01-07 03:19 pm

(no subject)

- got the Wintersrping Quests achievement.
- amusingly, at 58 quests, not the full 60.

- doing Silverpine quests.
- Agatha grabbed my belt, shouted Run! and took off flying
- meanwhile I'm going "...I'm level 85...."

- TB popped
- of course we won.
- up to 167 commendations. 33 more until I get my drake!

- mwahahaha
- just got [ Hellscream's Reach ], the achievement for exalted with the Horde TB faction. :3
- also up to 178 commendations now

- Only now do I realise that I haven't spent much time in UC since cata dropped.
- the extended palace area is pretty awesome.

- giggling so hard over being able to skin these worgen druids.

- 9 quests short on Silverpine.
- wonder where they went...?

- ran TB again.
- 3 more commendations brings me up to 181.

- logging off now. Just can't focus.
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2011-01-05 04:18 pm

(no subject)

- winterspring quest time!
- I'll go do TB quests after it pops. I got home about 5 minutes after it ended

- I still giggle over the blond Nyhm-- sorry "Nymn"-- in Everlook
- and now Nymn's mom (Haleh) is so very Gigi. This is hilarious.
- aaaah, it turns out that they're all Blue Dragons.

- maybe bliz should make my toon a quest giver
- here's a dagger now go kill a dragon
- don't tell me that you're laggin'
- then bring me his treasure
- nice workin' with ya, really it's been my pleasure
- I got no reward for ya, but your rep just got better, hey!

- yes, I do know most of the Nyhm songs by heart. It's sad, I know
- but I do believe I've mentioned my own parody works previously...

- eh?
- I ran out of quests...?

- Ah hah! Found some quests I missed
- ...but that only brings me to 57/60

- of course, right as I hand in #57, TB pops.
- and as always: we won.
- 3 more commendations!
- as an extra bonus, I nabbed OMGBRB's [ Human Slayer ] achievement.
- Only Dwarf Warlock left, and we'll have [ Alliance Slayer ]!

- time to do my TB dailies~
- damn, none of my regular guild-groupies are on. I'll leave Problim until later then

- offlining to go get pizza. mmm pizza.

- okay, so it took me almost the entire time between TBs to do my dailies and eat my pizza. I've got 20 minutes until the next round.
- time to do some tailoring!
- now at 510, after spending an obscene amount of money on volatile water/fire
- five Emberfire Shoulders now on the AH.

- TB~
- There was like... one of every dwarf class EXCEPT warlock. ARGH.
- ps, we won

- heading to Argent Tournament Grounds
- all but one daily done, and now I have the Sunreaver Dragonhawk, White Skeletal Warhorse, and the Swift Purple Raptor

- man, I need a shower. cutting out early tonight.
- later~
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2011-01-04 04:23 pm

(no subject)

- logged in to TB today.
- 360 delicious Honor Points later...
- ...and then winning StoA...
- leaves me at 1624 honor points.

- did some questings and... hah. got [ Breaking Out of Tol Barad ], the 100 quests in TB achievement.

- back to Felwood!
- wow, still haven't found the breadcrumb quest...

- TB popped again
- aaaaand we won again
- stuck around to help Dark and Yonko finish their dailies
- we got jumped like... four times by a pair of pissed off alliance

- Just realized that I have 4 stacks of embersilk.
- time to skill up!

- 505 skill, and a couple new patterns. Emberfire Shoulders and Dream of Deepholm

- Did Argent Tournament dailies-- am now at 149 champion seals. Tomorrow I get my dragonhawk! And a couple other mounts.

- Tol Barad again~
- We won! (like that's a surprise ;p)
- I have 141 commendations.
- What I need is 200+168+50 = 418 in total
- with just the dailies, I'm looking at 14 commendations per day. So in order to get everything I want, it'll take another 20ish days.

- I'm now at 2113 honor. Gonna run a couple bgs and get my last piece of pvp blues. well, the dps ones anyways. I'll see about using honor to get the healer blues later

- ooooh~
- Just won Eye of the Storm for the first time!
- So not only did I get enough honor to buy my last piece, but I also got 10 ap
- I am now exactly 400ap behind Yonko :3

- the baby Furbolg are pretty damn cute

- Alrightie, finally followed the breadcrumb to Winterspring
- so now I am working on both the E'ko achievement and [ Winterspring Quests ]

- except that I am tired and going to bed.
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2011-01-03 03:53 pm

(no subject)

- Sadly, I didn't get called for TB
- no 1800 honor for me
- time to queue for BGs!
- I've only got 1 piece of blue pvp left to grind. then I can move on to better gear.
- (it's the stupid looking helm. 2200 honor)
- (I have 230)

- am now at 513 honor

- there's 40min until TB, so I'm going to go do some dailies.

- alright, so I have 2 dalaran cooking awards now. Tomorrow I will be able to get a new recipe.
- 135 Champion Seals. Need only 15 more to get the Sunreaver Dragonhawk, and then I can look at grabbing the 5 seal 400g mounts. There are 6 such mounts, so plus the hawk will put me up to... 88 mounts.

- Two quests short of [ Felwood Quests ] and TB pops
- yay! we won!
- I am now at 1100 honor. Half way to the last piece!

- and unfortunately, I can't hand in the rest of my dailies. They're finished but I kinda went through 24 dailies earlier.

- finished Felwood achievement. Will finish the rest of the quests in felwood to get the winterspring breadcrumb tomorrow. for now, it is sleepy time.
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2010-12-31 09:27 am

(no subject)

- man, whenever I sell stuff on Raz, it just disappears. Why doesn't Nas have this problem?

- going through my bank.
- heeee!
- they didn't take away the [ Barov Peasant Collar ] when they deleveled the quest! I now have [ Barov Peasant Collar ] and [ Barov Servant Collar ]
- I wonder if I can summon six pets...?
- nope. They're on the same timer :(

- I wonder if [ Horn of the Traitor ] and [ Rhea's Last Egg ] are on the same timer...?
- well, they're not on the timer with the Collars...
- I can indeed summon the both of them

- Oh, my rez sickness is gone.
- To Tol Barad!

- We won, of course.

- Doin' some questings.

- Hall of Origination popped.
- time to make with the dpsing thing.
- so much easier to dps than heal.
- but I won't give up my heals! I love being a healer.

- fucking dick tank
- he's a good tank, but seriously. total dick.

- wtf
- when did I get 525 cooking? the achievement didn't pop...
- ...
- well, the achievement is there, but it never popped for me.
- so weird.

- so far I've lost two BGs.
- failsauce.

- weeee won WSG
- finally found the Wonderform Operator, too. So now I have 20/50 kills

- gonna wait on Tol Barad. only 20 minutes.

- winning Tol Barad is so easy. Waiting for WG to get the 2 honor points I need to get me some nice pants.

- won WG and... wtf.
- apparently I have never won WG before
- despite, you know, playing it CONSTANTLY during wotlk

- computer needs to cool down, it's having mad issues.

- I return! After two hours of rearranging my tv setup, and another three hours of trying to get the tv to actually work, I am back to killing shit in warcraft.

- running heroic mana-tombs.

- finished mana-tombs and black morass. Old Hillsbrad does not want to complete for me, and I'm thinking that might be due to the cataclysm quest reset. Need to go see if I can figure out which quest I'm missing.

- I've run tol barad twice since then. Was on Khyte in between but only got like... eight quests done. God I hate Borean Tundra.
- she's halfway through 72. I'm going to move her to Dragonblight.

- Happy New Year folks.
- good night.
- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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2010-12-30 04:26 pm

(no subject)

oh? what's this? my computer is actually going to let me do something? fantastic.

- and of course, right as I type that AB pops.

- ran tol barad again, lost
- got me into a pvp mood, so ran random BGs
- lost isle of conquest
- won Arthai Basin

- decided to run some dungeons.
- currently on dps spec, as my gear is absolute shit when healing.
- okay, it's not, but unless I'm dealing with people I know I don't want to heal until I've got a bigger mana pool/through-put/mana efficency thing going on.

- fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
- tol'vir
- why is it ALWAYS tol'vir!?


- Sadly, I did not get any new gear out of tol'vir.

- deepholm quest time!
- huh, I thought glop, son of glop was supposed to be one of the randomized quests.
- I've gotten it every day this week.

- therazane rep down for the day and now I need to decide what else I'm going to do.

- hmm
- lets see if I can solo some BC heroics.
- running The Underbog
- burning through the trash.
- guess that means I should take on a boss.

- Hungerfen downed in around the same time it takes me to down a level 85.
- excellent.

- skipping trash. Don't want to fill my bags with crap.

- apparently I can, in fact, holy nova level 70 elites to death.

- ripping through heroics. grabbed the achievements for heroic Coilfang and heroic Auchenai Crypts

- died on Mana-tombs due to not clearing the room first. But I totally got him down to 10% despite that.

- decided to log off. Switched to Raz to AH some things, then to Bre to pick up my AH gold. Managed to sell most of Nyx's stuff on Bre-- only one stack of [ Talendra's Rose ] remains.
khyte: (Default)
2010-12-27 03:37 pm

(no subject)

Gonna buy my new computer today. Lord knows when it will actually arrive...

- Doing some cooking skill ups.
- currently at 478, gonna make me some [ Pickled Guppy ]
- which means raising my fishing skill, too!

- okay, first I'm checking out Tol Barad to see if those were dailies or weeklies from yesterday.
- dailies! awesome!

- 6 commendations down, 239 to go.

- to fishing!

- Cooking just hit 500

- Dragonmaw rep is now sitting at 900ish Honored. It was enough to get me some new blue gloves.

- sometimes I love being me
- had to jump up and grab the phone while mid-battle. So I hit the autoshot.
- I'm up for maybe 3 seconds.
- I come back, and the level 85 enemy is dead, and I am still full health. mwahaha.

- and back to doing archaeology. Christ this takes forever.
- 150 Archaeology.

- Logging off for a shower. Later all~
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2010-12-26 11:42 am

(no subject)

It's boxing day! I should be buying my new computer, but right now I'd rather be lazy.

- not much in the way of time to type, since we're running heroics for guild achievements.
- grabbed Ramps, Blood Furnace and Shattered Halls before Dark and Mad had to go offline, and now we're talking about tempest keep.

- on our way to Tempest Keep!
- I like TK.
- then again, I like rep grinding.
- which is all I've ever used TK for.

- lol
- I didn't have the [ Flamewrought Key ] before, and now Yonko doesn't have the [ Warpforged Key ] hehehe
- neither does Lyxan.

- ran the three TK instances to get Lyxan up to Honored so she can get her key.

- and then we did two more so Blood could get his.

- lyxan: "wait, is this heroic? they're dying at the same rate..."
- nas: "well we are 3 85s and an 84"
- bloodgrin: "hehe"

- So far we have gotten 6 guild achievements today.
- Yonko and Blood had to go, so Lyx and I have recruited Dark and Aliester to do some Classic Dungeons.
- Ali's only level 45, you see.

- Alrightie! Got the achivements for Guild Strat, Scholo, and Monastery.
- am now running around Tol Barad.

- I want the Hellscream's Reach Drake :D
- It requires exalted rep. I have... 1312 neutral.

- Oh, I forgot to mention~ I hit Exalted with the Sha'tar~ :D
- Next BC dungeon rep is going to be Thrallmar (5215 Revered as of now)

- Alrightie, Tailoring is now at 485. Gonna go dig up some more Archaeology stuff.

- oh good god.
- did conflict tonight, and had to get some help from another group in the area to take down the last enemy.
- and then the alliance showed up.
- five alliance versus 15 horde.
- and the alliance geniuses KEPT COMING BACK.
- I actually got like.... 7/8 honor points out of it. Amazing, really.

- attempted to run Tol'vir again. I did better at healing-- I'm starting to get the hang of cataheals-- but we wiped three times on Siamat and decided we were done for the day. I'll have to see if I can dig up some info on the how-to for that battle. We figure we were just out dps'd and undergeared.

- got Lyx to link me her enchanting, so I'm going to be trying to get the materials (and some better gear to enchant)
- looks like I'll be doing some more raiding in the future.

- just no Tol'vir until I know wtf I am doing.
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2010-12-17 09:17 pm

(no subject)

- got me the Explore Vashj'ir and Explore Cataclysm achievements. It surprised me that I hadn't gotten them yet.

- Now I am grinding for embersilk. I have some Healer gear to craft.
- and zero desire to pay the obscene prices on the AH.

- gotta love [Vampiric Touch] + [Shadow Word: Pain] + [Devouring Plague]
- used to do this in wrath all the time, so I'm happy it still works: hit a mob with it then move onto the next. By the time you finish laying the spells down on the second, the first is dead.

- moved to twilight highlands as the drop rate is better. not by much, but better.

- got enough to make my shoulders, wound up having to buy some [Volatile Water] off the AH. Not too bad; 15g apiece and I needed 2. They're not tremendously better than my previous shoulders but they ARE blue compared to green.

- I am very tired, and very sick. ( whole story here )

- sleepy time now. night guys.