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- man, whenever I sell stuff on Raz, it just disappears. Why doesn't Nas have this problem?

- going through my bank.
- heeee!
- they didn't take away the [ Barov Peasant Collar ] when they deleveled the quest! I now have [ Barov Peasant Collar ] and [ Barov Servant Collar ]
- I wonder if I can summon six pets...?
- nope. They're on the same timer :(

- I wonder if [ Horn of the Traitor ] and [ Rhea's Last Egg ] are on the same timer...?
- well, they're not on the timer with the Collars...
- I can indeed summon the both of them

- Oh, my rez sickness is gone.
- To Tol Barad!

- We won, of course.

- Doin' some questings.

- Hall of Origination popped.
- time to make with the dpsing thing.
- so much easier to dps than heal.
- but I won't give up my heals! I love being a healer.

- fucking dick tank
- he's a good tank, but seriously. total dick.

- wtf
- when did I get 525 cooking? the achievement didn't pop...
- ...
- well, the achievement is there, but it never popped for me.
- so weird.

- so far I've lost two BGs.
- failsauce.

- weeee won WSG
- finally found the Wonderform Operator, too. So now I have 20/50 kills

- gonna wait on Tol Barad. only 20 minutes.

- winning Tol Barad is so easy. Waiting for WG to get the 2 honor points I need to get me some nice pants.

- won WG and... wtf.
- apparently I have never won WG before
- despite, you know, playing it CONSTANTLY during wotlk

- computer needs to cool down, it's having mad issues.

- I return! After two hours of rearranging my tv setup, and another three hours of trying to get the tv to actually work, I am back to killing shit in warcraft.

- running heroic mana-tombs.

- finished mana-tombs and black morass. Old Hillsbrad does not want to complete for me, and I'm thinking that might be due to the cataclysm quest reset. Need to go see if I can figure out which quest I'm missing.

- I've run tol barad twice since then. Was on Khyte in between but only got like... eight quests done. God I hate Borean Tundra.
- she's halfway through 72. I'm going to move her to Dragonblight.

- Happy New Year folks.
- good night.
- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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oh? what's this? my computer is actually going to let me do something? fantastic.

- and of course, right as I type that AB pops.

- ran tol barad again, lost
- got me into a pvp mood, so ran random BGs
- lost isle of conquest
- won Arthai Basin

- decided to run some dungeons.
- currently on dps spec, as my gear is absolute shit when healing.
- okay, it's not, but unless I'm dealing with people I know I don't want to heal until I've got a bigger mana pool/through-put/mana efficency thing going on.

- fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
- tol'vir
- why is it ALWAYS tol'vir!?


- Sadly, I did not get any new gear out of tol'vir.

- deepholm quest time!
- huh, I thought glop, son of glop was supposed to be one of the randomized quests.
- I've gotten it every day this week.

- therazane rep down for the day and now I need to decide what else I'm going to do.

- hmm
- lets see if I can solo some BC heroics.
- running The Underbog
- burning through the trash.
- guess that means I should take on a boss.

- Hungerfen downed in around the same time it takes me to down a level 85.
- excellent.

- skipping trash. Don't want to fill my bags with crap.

- apparently I can, in fact, holy nova level 70 elites to death.

- ripping through heroics. grabbed the achievements for heroic Coilfang and heroic Auchenai Crypts

- died on Mana-tombs due to not clearing the room first. But I totally got him down to 10% despite that.

- decided to log off. Switched to Raz to AH some things, then to Bre to pick up my AH gold. Managed to sell most of Nyx's stuff on Bre-- only one stack of [ Talendra's Rose ] remains.
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- Dug up some more fossils, but not enough to solve any artifacts.
- ugh, full body shudder at just TYPING that.

- totally didn't mention it last night, but I completed both the [ Druid and Priest Statue Set ] and [ Fossilized Hatchling ]

- ran Tol Barad
- we won~
- though we had to listen to five/six people bitching about how we need to lose so that the next time around we can win and get 1800 honor.
- uh, no.
- The Scryers has a long and historied issue with PvP Zones. Once one side gets the zone like HELL the other side is getting it back without a fight.
- and after 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 (okay, not that many, but whatever) battles for WG where the Horde lost EVERY TIME, it really shouldn't come as a surprise that we want to keep a zone when we get it.

- cooking is now sitting at 524

- logging off due to boredom and trying to get away from the TV.
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Gonna buy my new computer today. Lord knows when it will actually arrive...

- Doing some cooking skill ups.
- currently at 478, gonna make me some [ Pickled Guppy ]
- which means raising my fishing skill, too!

- okay, first I'm checking out Tol Barad to see if those were dailies or weeklies from yesterday.
- dailies! awesome!

- 6 commendations down, 239 to go.

- to fishing!

- Cooking just hit 500

- Dragonmaw rep is now sitting at 900ish Honored. It was enough to get me some new blue gloves.

- sometimes I love being me
- had to jump up and grab the phone while mid-battle. So I hit the autoshot.
- I'm up for maybe 3 seconds.
- I come back, and the level 85 enemy is dead, and I am still full health. mwahaha.

- and back to doing archaeology. Christ this takes forever.
- 150 Archaeology.

- Logging off for a shower. Later all~
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It's boxing day! I should be buying my new computer, but right now I'd rather be lazy.

- not much in the way of time to type, since we're running heroics for guild achievements.
- grabbed Ramps, Blood Furnace and Shattered Halls before Dark and Mad had to go offline, and now we're talking about tempest keep.

- on our way to Tempest Keep!
- I like TK.
- then again, I like rep grinding.
- which is all I've ever used TK for.

- lol
- I didn't have the [ Flamewrought Key ] before, and now Yonko doesn't have the [ Warpforged Key ] hehehe
- neither does Lyxan.

- ran the three TK instances to get Lyxan up to Honored so she can get her key.

- and then we did two more so Blood could get his.

- lyxan: "wait, is this heroic? they're dying at the same rate..."
- nas: "well we are 3 85s and an 84"
- bloodgrin: "hehe"

- So far we have gotten 6 guild achievements today.
- Yonko and Blood had to go, so Lyx and I have recruited Dark and Aliester to do some Classic Dungeons.
- Ali's only level 45, you see.

- Alrightie! Got the achivements for Guild Strat, Scholo, and Monastery.
- am now running around Tol Barad.

- I want the Hellscream's Reach Drake :D
- It requires exalted rep. I have... 1312 neutral.

- Oh, I forgot to mention~ I hit Exalted with the Sha'tar~ :D
- Next BC dungeon rep is going to be Thrallmar (5215 Revered as of now)

- Alrightie, Tailoring is now at 485. Gonna go dig up some more Archaeology stuff.

- oh good god.
- did conflict tonight, and had to get some help from another group in the area to take down the last enemy.
- and then the alliance showed up.
- five alliance versus 15 horde.
- and the alliance geniuses KEPT COMING BACK.
- I actually got like.... 7/8 honor points out of it. Amazing, really.

- attempted to run Tol'vir again. I did better at healing-- I'm starting to get the hang of cataheals-- but we wiped three times on Siamat and decided we were done for the day. I'll have to see if I can dig up some info on the how-to for that battle. We figure we were just out dps'd and undergeared.

- got Lyx to link me her enchanting, so I'm going to be trying to get the materials (and some better gear to enchant)
- looks like I'll be doing some more raiding in the future.

- just no Tol'vir until I know wtf I am doing.
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Been awhile since I had the time to play. But I am back now. Working on my professions today~

- Cooking: 436
- Tailoring: 482
- Archaeology: 30
- Fishing: 458
- First Aid: 450

- First Aid will be sitting back for awhile. I don't want to waste embersilk making bandages when I need it for my tailoring. Skinning is already capped.

- Cooking is now 475. I don't have enough awards for another recipe, so there I shall stay for another three days.

- got archaeology to 66 before I diverted to finish the Hyjal quest lines.

- so goddamn tired.
- been up for 13 hours now.
- I just want to eat and then sleep
- thus, I am logging.
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- got me the Explore Vashj'ir and Explore Cataclysm achievements. It surprised me that I hadn't gotten them yet.

- Now I am grinding for embersilk. I have some Healer gear to craft.
- and zero desire to pay the obscene prices on the AH.

- gotta love [Vampiric Touch] + [Shadow Word: Pain] + [Devouring Plague]
- used to do this in wrath all the time, so I'm happy it still works: hit a mob with it then move onto the next. By the time you finish laying the spells down on the second, the first is dead.

- moved to twilight highlands as the drop rate is better. not by much, but better.

- got enough to make my shoulders, wound up having to buy some [Volatile Water] off the AH. Not too bad; 15g apiece and I needed 2. They're not tremendously better than my previous shoulders but they ARE blue compared to green.

- I am very tired, and very sick. ( whole story here )

- sleepy time now. night guys.
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I want to see how much rep I can grind today before I start arting.

- gonna finish Mount Hyjal, and follow that up with some BC grinding

- that is... finish it if I don't get pulled into a guild dungeon run.
- man I need more int
- a TON of more int.

- dicking around in BRD
- discovered that Nas is currently capable of grinding rep in MC by herself.
- just need to remember to bring empty bags

- am tired now
- logged off.
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Still kinda dizzy. Went to the doctor this afternoon. Should be good by Saturday. In the meantime...

- I am riding a red drake.
- talking to twilight cultists.
- why do they not think there is something strange about this?

- had a moment of heartattack while I was vendoring greens.
- one of them was better than the staff I was wearing, a staff for level 81 better than a staff for 85?
- turns out I still had my fishing rod on.

- got [Coming Down the Mountain]

I can barely keep my eyes open. Gonna hafta quit for the night.
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Dual-boxing as Baerus and Iepatus.

- it would be easier if I was actually on two machines at once.
- less laggy, that's for sure.

- lol echo cutscenes

- alrightie, lagtastic computer is lagtastic. Switching over to Nas.
- ugh, reforging and specing Nas' holy side is a pain in the ass

- flew right through a zeppelin

- ugh. Tired. I'm going to go make some food.

- doing some questage at 8pm.

- I know it's just my inferiority complex talking, but it frustrates me when my guildies don't bother to ask me if I want to participate in a dungeon. Especially after I told Lyxan to text me if they need a healer.
- (4 of my guildies are in Stonecore right now. I'm guessing that if they didn't grab a healer through dungeon finder, Silver is acting as the healer)
- (and that makes me wonder if they just think I'm a shit healer. priest versus druid)

- hehe Skullcrusher the Mountain

- and in that last battle, I fought with 300 Garona Halforcans.

- the Warcraft Archaeology profession is FUCKING RETARDED. Most useless profession EVER. I HATE the mechanics!
- if you really wanted it to look like Archaeology, then every survey should bring up a handful of dirt to study.
- Where are the features? We've got the artifacts, but no features! The features of the site can be the most important piece of study!
- I'm one semester away from my Bachelors in Archaeology, fyi.

- logging off. sleep time.
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I went to bed at 1am. I am awake at 8am. What is wrong with me?

- Thick Leather sold last night, but the cata skins are still up for sale.

- heading into Deepholme.
- oooh, I can actually understand the cutscene speech this time! Last time I had a person half a second in front of me, and half a second behind me. It was fantastically confusing.

- the [Take No Prisoners] & [On Second Thought, Take One Prisoner] quests amuse me

- goddamit, I hate this glitch!
- you know the one: when you're looting and it lags so you wind up crouched on the ground for 5/10 minutes

- "Stop it, you tiny, angry woman!"

- killing critters as we go is hilarious. Tryin' to get that armadillo pet, we're at 2899/50k

- I have no idea how, but apparently you can skin chopped up basilik remains.

- Mylra's bobbing question mark is snicker worthy from above.

- heh Troggzor the Earthinator

- I really wish I had a different helm. This Samurai thing didn't look half bad on Nyx, but Nas just looks retarded... And yes, I know I can turn the graphic off. I don't want to. I want a cool looking helm.

- it's always fun finding new ways to die. /sarcasm

- Well, I got to level 83 before I found a belt better than my [Circle of Ossus]. Better yet, it's even blue. I don't have to cry about replacing a purple with a green!

- Finally reached the end of the quests I'd already done on Nyx. All new content now!
- Technically, these are the quests I kept dying on as Nyx and so I didn't complete them.

- Felsen the Enduring sounds like the Cave of Wonders from Aladdin

- the elite Gyreworms are fucking fast

- I am definitely enjoying the quests that I can complete without having to dismount.

- aw, I have an elemental companion for this quest chain.

- apparently I cannot resist stone elemental puppy dog eyes

- watching troggs tame basilisks is funny
- it takes a whole heck of a lot longer than any hunter.

- and now my baby elemental buddy has left me. To roll around in petrified corpses. idefk

- stupid drakes bugged out on me. Stuck in invisible combat.
- had to go an off myself to get out of it.

- well. that was an anticlimatic drake battle

- I wonder if we'll get stone drake mounts?

- "K, so you totes did everything you said you would. Get your buddies out of here. But we can still party, mkay?" translating for Therazane :D

- It's pretty cool that the Therazane quest chain puts you to half way through Honored.
- It's kinda like the Netherwing rep that way, except that you get it all in bits and pieces instead of one giant chunk

- Finally! A new staff design! I was getting tired of the same ol' same ol'.

- doesn't look like there are any mounts... yet... :D?
- picked up the Therazane tabard.

- deepholme is done but for the dailies.

- headed to Uldum. Which means I'll do about 10 quests I've done on Nyx and then it's ~all new~ once again

- watching the caravan cinematic... and Nas just did /rude to the attacking pygmies!


- ARGH. [Neferset Prison] is making me maaaaaad

- oh wow. the entrance to Vortex Pinnacle is beautiful. a floating city of marble...

- hahaha oh god. Human Warrior who is complete 'tard. He couldn't even follow the direction that were blasted across the entire screen. Idiot is lucky that I was feeling nice enough to help him down the 83 elite that was kicking his ass.
- well. "nice enough" and "because I could get the completion off it, too"

- two bubbles shy of 84!

- Ah Harrison Jones. I love your quests, seriously.

- hahaha Harrison thinks Nas is pretty XD
- which is hilarious because he gets her to do all the killing work.

- demolition Jones style!

- LEVEL 84

- after the under ocean adventures of Vashj'ir, actually having to swim properly is annoying.

- did my cutscene fail again?
- yes, yes it did. Skipping time~

- I just got flatted by a titan statue landing on me.
- I love how it doesn't actually do anything to my character.

- two obelisks ignited!

- I don't even know what's going on any more

- ahahahahahahaha hacking the wibson... with a maintenance axe XD

- Killin' Gnomes, Killin' Gnomes~!
- 1000 of them, specifically.
- It's a katamari quest, and I was giggling about it the entire time. One of the rewards? [Kata-Mary Crown]

- Oh, I like how the crown looks on Nas.

- I've got another 6 hours of play tonight. CAN I MAKE 85?!
- I hope so. I'm trying to beat Darkbite, Yonko, and Mulletor, all of whom hit 84 long before I did.

- I am 66 quests into Uldum.

- almost out of mojo refiller

- man everything, and I do mean everything, seems to be about war between two factions for this expansion.

- dark just logged on, and I'm only 1/4 through 84...
- I have no idea how far dark is.

- riding along on yet another caravan...

- Yonko's online now too

- I'm enjoying Dark Archangel too much


- the sheer number of cutscenes... you'd think folks didn't have guilds to talk with.


- and half way to 85!

- "The Alliance... they're defending the Wildhammer..."
- of course they are you fool. The Alliance and the Wildhammer have been bros since Vanilla.

- a little under 2 bubbles left. Yonko hasn't leveled yet either. WHO WILL BE FIRST?! XD

- Alexstrasza's so cool she can beat her wings through mountains.

- Huh.
- Apparently Yonko went offline during one of the cutscenes.
- and with only one bubble left to go...

- Yonko logged in like... 30 seconds before I turned in the quest the kicked me up to 85 XD

Okay, now that I have spent SIXTEEN HOURS grinding from 83-85, I think it's time for bed. Gonna go visit with my tailoring trainer first, but otherwise I am done! G'night all
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- Lyxan's got her Collector's Edition! Jumping on Nas...

- Running around Kelp'thar again. And hot damn. With so few people here, it's a quick ride to get these quests done.

- I'm still wondering why Budd is allowed to have ideas.

- ugh. trading tier gear for blues...

- yup, rapid spawn naga are still a pain in the ass.

- Goblin Crew Time! Mekannie, Kycha, and Bitterman

- waiting on Kycha and Bitter to catch up with me phase-wise.
- ...they just ran headlong into a burning house.

- bouncing goblin tits are kinda alotta creepy

- go kitty go!

- why the fuck was Thrall taken captive...?


- Bitterman logged awhile back, and Kycha's gone to eat some foods. Jumping back onto Nas for awhile.

- well I'm glad my skinning glitch has fixed itself.
- ...or not. goddammit.
- at least I'm getting the skill up. Still wish I could get the skins.

- dear snapjaw grouper. Eating the upper body of a shadow priest is a bad idea. You go splodey.

- and now we have moved into quests that are not mirrors of the Alliance stuff.
- ...until we go right back to the mirror stuff

- fucking game is glitching out on me again
- as soon as Nas hits the point where Tenebrous Cavern pops on the screen, she dismounts.
- and I can't remount.

- Trying [Defending the Rift] on Horde side now.
- well. so far so good. maybe...
- looks like we might make it...

- and now it looks like I'm watching Stonespeaker's ass for the foreseeable future.
- alrightie, so I got the completion for it... the turn-in guy just didn't show his ugly mug. Lets try a logout/login

- Awesome! Got 20k leagues and the Vashj'ir achievements.

- from what I saw on Nyx, you actually have to enter the dungeons first before you can queue for them. So here I am, chillin' in a Cata instance.
- Throne of Tides is official open to me~

- Gonna dick around Hyjal for a few. See what's the what on that side of things.

- Time for a nice slow ride on the back of a green drake.
- I want a green drake mount now.

- I tried to wave to Deathwing. It wouldn't let me.
- sadface

Alrightie, I've done a handful of quests in Hyjal. Now it is time for me to go to bed. I didn't reach my goal for the night, but then I was kinda reaching for the stars there. I did manage to get my skinning capped, and tailoring is puttering along as usual.

I've put a whole lot of skins up on the auction house, although the lord only knows if they'll go. The new cata skin is up for about 200g for a stack of 20. It's insane, but hey. Maybe I'll make some money. get that damn mammoth I've been eying... only got 9k left to go...

Reputation Recap time!
Guardians of Hyjal 260/6000 Friendly
The Earthen Ring 445/6000 Friendly

Sadly, the new Armory has disappeared my ability to see overall Horde reputation. I imagine it's somewhere beyond 16k/21k now, but as to how far beyond/how close to exalted... who knows.

night folks!
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- just figured out why my volume wouldn't go past a certain point. I had the master volume in warcrack turned down.

- lol Stormcaller Mylra is my kind of interrogator.

- ...scazgrin. Ugh. Every time I see him about, I just shudder. Long story.


- haha hit 83 on a herb

- the best part of old world flying is that I can get to the boats before they leave.

- taking a long flight from Darnasuss to Tanaris; picking up the FPs along the way. I'm curious to know how long it takes when you have epic flying.

- Into Uldum we go!
- With Budd and Adarrah.
- could've sworn I left them in the ocean...

- go cutscene go~
- seems like we've been sold into slavery.

- oh good god. Why do they even let Budd come up with ideas? Wait... wasn't this the same genius who thought he was a troll in Wrath?

- Uldum's sands actually blow

- alright, I'm tired of dying. Gonna switch off Nyx for now.
- geez, just picked up some stuff out of my mailbox. Nyx went from having 40gold when Cata dropped to having 2260g. Very nice.

- Logging onto Nas to start her grind to 85.

- ...adarrah and budd get around.

- yup, exactly the same as the alliance side.

- having already done these quests makes it so much easier to do them all over again.

- I love the fact that "Thrall's balls" is actually used as an expletive by an NPC.

- alright, half way through level 80. And now I don't want to play Nas anymore. :/

- logged onto Mekannie for the first time-- my Goblin Priest.

- alrightie, Mekannie is level 3. And Warcrack decided to kick me off the server, so I'm going to end the play time right here.
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Another day, another play!

- seriously, this troll mask is so lame.
- I AM A 450 TAILORING TROLL. Just give me a pattern and I can make myself look like a Smolderthorn easily!

- beating sergeants to death with a cudgel makes a bonking noise!

- Doesn't look like you can get the Smolderweb Hatchling or the Worg Pup pets from Kibler's quests anymore, but you CAN get a Tiny Flamefly! I was hoping I'd be able to nab one~ :3

- Dear god, Nas has been like... undercover with everyone ever.
- which is hilarious when you consider I'm on an RP server and she was originally an undercover Scourgelord (lady?) in Undercity. Now look at her trollie ass go.

- it is nice not to have to run through Alliance Territory.

- Loggin' out of Nas and onto Raz.
- Nas has been skinning like crazy, and then mailing it all to Raz. So it's definitely time to make with the AHing.

- and now I have like... 70 stacks of various leathers on the auction house.

- logging into Octobre

- just flew over the ruins of Auberdine. Wow, that is just. Wow.

- aha ha ha... yeah so I just quick-spammed a half dozen things and dropped out of wow with speed never before seen. I forgot dad drove to work today, and he was kinda home earlier than expected.

- ...I flew into theramore and then got completely distracted by other things. I can't seem to focus on leveling today. Gonna do some more video editing.

Day nine

Dec. 2nd, 2010 02:46 pm
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Well, it's day nine after the Shattering, and we're only five days away from Cataclysm actually dropping. Which means it's on to step two of the Great Nyxondra Plan: transferring her from my original WoW account, to my secondary account. (Step three is a faction change) Step two hit a snag in that Nyx had some mail, and now I must wait 20 minutes before I can finish transferring her. Oh well...

In the meantime, some more achievement fun on Nas. I did a handful of quests, and got some delicious delicious reputation. Thorium Brotherhood rep! I tried farming that by myself a few times, but seriously. Even shadow spec at 80, I couldn't get past the first mobs of Molten Core. And no one wanted to run it with me, so I was sitting at 5040/12000 for the longest time. And now I do TWO quests and I'm up to 7040! Huzzah!

But yeah, in the interest of getting Nyx moved over A.S.A.P., I'm actually going to work on one of my musical projects for the first time in... uh... well, awhile. I still don't have access to my video data, which as we all know has been the cause of several hissy fits over the last week, so it's going to be pretty shitty when I post it up. But I want this posted before Cata, and there's no way I can get Wrathgate, FOS/POS/HOR/ICC-10 footage, then edit it all before then.

Of course, this means I can get some in-action footage of Nyx in Worgen-form for the video... not that she's in it much, seeing as it is the Epic Ballad of Arthas (only not).

Alrightie, Nyx is in the approval process to get magicked over to my secondary account. Gonna book it over to my computer now, instead of dad's, and get some audio work done. As opposed to spending the last hour reworking lyrics that kept fucking me up the last time I tried recording things. :D

Ugh, four hours of editing, and I'm tired. Time to play some warcrack!

- Lunk is hilarious. "No kill! No kill!"

- "Lunk like to dance! Nastassja like to dance! Probably!"

- the problem with doing quests that you're 30 levels too high for, is the part where you can kill things that you're not supposed to kill.
- now I need to wait on respawn.

- ARGH soclose!
- 18560/21000 with Thorium Brotherhood.
- Hopefully there are some Thorium quests in Burning Steppes.

- I feel like I've been doing a lot of disguise quests lately...
- I'm using a Troll Halloween Mask to infiltrate the Blackrock Orcs.

- sitting at 20000/21000 right now. I just need 1k more! 1k and I'll have 30 exalted reps!



And it is now 10:30PM. I am going to BED. G'night!
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I dislike mondays.

Starting Reps:
Horde: 10095/21000 Revered
BWC: 9228/12000 Honored

- Chillin' in org for a bit. They're discussing the best way to eat gnomes in trade.
- Well, I was picking up dailies. Sent down to gets some Golden Stonefish and came across Fizzle Darkclaw's body.
- I remember that quest with no fondness at all.

- socute!!!
- I'm running around as my little raptor hatchling from yesterday.
- She got kidnapped as part of a quest and now I am escaping!

- ...and then I got stuck.

- After all that, and I don't get my pretty little raptor!?
- i keelz u all.

- according to the comments on the wowhead page for the final quest, we have to wait until cata is out. that's a whole week awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :(

- Down to the Cape!

- heh, still got a Zanzil's Mixture quest...

- apparently being corrupted by Zanzil's mixture means you stumble around with at least one arm up in the air.

- there are a lot of "jump into this bitch and ride!" type quests now.

- I am so eager to know WTF is going on with ZG. Jin'do... Zanzil... Mandokir... Jeklik and Venoxis... it's all adding up to something exciting

- destroyed Jeklik's body! Which is hilarious, considering the whole "exalted with Zandolar" thing means I've killed her before.

- "Only one word suffices to explain such a rash and foolhardy endeavor: Heroism."

- hit Revered with BWC.

- Booty Bay has taken a beating, but it's nice to see that they're putting themselves back together.

- collecting debts for Sea Wolf again. A couple of new guys, but I still have to get Maury's foot. stupid zombie.

- oh hey. They removed the quest for trying to open the clubbed foot.

- mwahahahahaha awesome. There's actually a "get in with the Bloodsail" questline now!

- Seahorn and Revilgaz are... tossing a head in a bag around to make it look like it was in a fight.

- Doin' quests for the bloodsail pirates... killin' ninjas.

- Back up to honored with Everlook

- it's been a few hours since that last message. Been running around WPL and getting that achievement done.
- I really liked having my Guardian Val'kyr.
- She followed me through EVERYTHING right up to that last quest turn-in, when she got stuck somewhere in Hearthglen.
- I could hear her, but couldn't see her, and then she wasn't following me anymore.
- She's also been added to the cosplay list, btw.

- I've also been messing around with Nastassja's back story; more specifically with the why/how she actually changed from Undead to Troll. Should be fun if I ever finish it ;)

I'm off to bed now. I stayed up 20 minutes later than I promised myself I would just to finish WPL. Oh Argent Crusade... if I wasn't already Exalted with you... ;p

Definitely getting there with the Horde rep. I'll probably get them to Exalted before I hit it with Bilgewater Cartel! I'm 15675/21000 Revered with the Horde right now, and 348/21000 Revered with BWC. I have no idea what sort of special awesomeness will come with being Horde Exalted, but It's a good time to find out! With the rate I'm plowing through Horde rep, I should reach that point in the next day or two.

I wonder if it counts towards my 30 reps achievement?
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Today I am taking a break from Nastassja to work on Khyte.

Also, I have a grand total of like... six hours to figure out what the hell my "most fabulous" outfit is. :/

- Logged in, reset my talent points and took two steps off land into the Westrift. BOOM! Level 72! Grats, Khyte.
- well, it's better than that time Ro leveled from picking plants.

- BABY MURLOCS. Ah, I love this quest.

- Goddamn but Khyte's health disappears super fast. I'm thinking I need new armor, stat!

- ACK! I've been so used to grabbing the item with the highest sale price on Nas, that I did that on Khyte. And she NEEDS new gear, not money! ARGH.

- I think I'm starting to get the hang of Paladining again.
- of course, that would be when the game crashes on me.

- Ooo, my first relic.

- half way to level 73. I am le tired of doing these quests. Back to Nastassja!

- so we no longer plant seeds in the Charred Vale (understandable, it's half lava right now)-- we plant them in Desolace! Which looking fucking weird all green, by the way.

- I've always wanted a centaur mount.
- or playable centaur race. that would be fun.
- and hilarious

- there are more quests to be had in Desolace (there are 2 in my log, and two in shadowprey that I haven't done), but I've gotten the achievement, and am moving on to another zone.
- Yonko is at 5900, I'm at 5220. Long way to go...

- whoa, there's an orca outside of Shadowprey Village! Did it get lost?

- doin' a little fishin' to grab [ The Oceanographer ] and [ The Limnologist ]

- okay, maybe one more Desolace quest. Gonna kill that orca.
- If I can find him again.
- looks like there are more Orca out here now. I need Blubbergut, dammit!

- On to Feralas! Which is why I was in Shadowprey to begin with...

- Aw, the Gelkis don't like me anymore. And worked my butt off to get rep with them!
- I don't remember the Gelkis having elemental summoners before... must be why the gelkis don't like me

- Oh! I like the new Feralas map.

- Doesn't look like there are any new Horde FP in Feralas.

- Swinging down to the coast to see the new Feathermoon Stronghold/do some Ocean fishing. At a distance, it looks like there are dancing Worgen.
- they're "training" not dancing, but that's totally what it looks like.

- okay, so apparently there is a new FP. Squinting at the map without my glasses on really isn't the best way to pick out a red winged boot.

- I don't have any lead-in fedexes for Feralas. Maybe I missed something in Desolace?
- there's a breadcrumb quest in Desolace. Except that it hasn't been finished. There are no listed Objectives, and no one to turn it in to XD

- To Camp Mojache!

- Hadoken Swiftstrider? oh god XD XD XD XD

- n-n-new costume! I wanna cosplay as Ysondre!

- dancing ogres!

- man I have to stop jumping off of cliffs to get places. I can never find my way back out...

- Logged off of Nas and onto Gret. Some of her potions (she's an Alchemist) have been removed from the game. Left in their places are "Shattered Vial" x9 and "Melted Vial" x1

- Changed Legrettia's name. I've been having issues with that name since about a week after I transferred her to The Scryers. She will hopefully be "Nyxondra", after the Black Dragon that flies over the Ruins of Kargath, in about an hour.

- ...or thirty seconds. Wow, that email came fast.

- I should totally check out those ruins soon.

Okay, well it looks like that's it for me today. I still have no effing clue what I'm wearing tonight, but I need to start getting ready, as I plan to do a little bit of shopping before I meet up with the girls. See you tomorrow, when I chronicle Raiding with Ice Cream!
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Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen of my Imaginary Audience, to DAY FOUR. I really need to get some other icons...

Moving on, today is FRIDAY. Which means I can play for long long time, as I do not have to be up early enough for a seven am shift. I am now taking a step back from my ACHIEVEMENTS ISSUE to run around doing things for Mankrik. Oh Mankrik. <3

9398/12000 Horde
5999/6000 Bilgewater Cartel

- 13 is such a weird number for a kill quest.

- Mankrik seems to have picked up an admirer. As well as an assload of corpses.

- somehow "I will follow" comes through in-game as "you go away, and I'll be where you need to be."
- aw. I was hoping the chain would be longer, what with Mankrik's new girlfriend and all.

- To Dustwallow! And no, I haven't forgotten about Desolace, I just have a fed-ex to Dustwallow.

- 8 / 50 Dustwallow March Quests left over from pre-cata.

- I've always found it hilarious to sell an item I just received as a quest reward right back to the quest giver.

- so far, the only new quest I've found is the fed-ex into Dustwallow :/
- oh wait. there's one to kill a spider queen and to smash some eggs, but that only makes three, and I'm at 26/50 quests.

- ARGH SERIOUSLY DUDE. If I say I "don't want to" that means STOP ASKING ME. /guilddrama
- I really hate being railroaded into things. If we have to get technical, I'm a PvPer, not a raider.
- being told that you ~need~ me doesn't change that.

- at 32/50 now. Brackenwall Village holds no more quests... time to fly down to Mudsprocket.

- 1 new quest... and it fedexes me right out of Dustwallow. Gonna wait on that for the moment.

- oh hey, there's a vendor at Tabetha's now. Convenient! ('Bre needed a vendor there just last week...)

- the Alliance's new road cuts right through the Grimtotem camp.
- the Forsaken chick is gone now.

- Dustwallow is starting to look like it's a zone that has barely changed.

- hehe the fishing bobber icon has a fish on it now, instead of a gear!

- alright, so completing all of the old quests only gets me to 42/50.

- taking the fedex to Thousand Needles to see what's what.

- oh wow. Flooded!Thousand Needles is kinda beautiful. In a stark watery way.

- hot damn, this Tauren can row a boat. So fast!
- just blew past a river boat.

- ...for a place that was abruptly flooded without warning, Fizzle and Pozzik seemed to have been super prepared.
- Daisy is a bartender now.
- There's a bar-b-que! With food on it and everything.

- Sweet! I am now Honored with Bilgewater Cartel!
- Suppose I should see if I still get dungeon rep.

- I gots me a Thousand Needles River Boat. AWESOME.
- it's not a "true" mount, as I can only use it in thousand needles.

- Silithid can apparently survive without air. It's kinda creepy.
- also, there is a large untargetable fish very slowly swimming past me.

- ...not sure what the logic behind the vultures drowning was. They can FLY.

- from tortises to sea turtles! There are dead tortises all over the place underwater.

- the great thing about doing these lead-in fedex quests is that you don't realize that you're in the middle of a chain half the time. I just had to explain to someone how to get their boat :p

- the continuation between quest "events" is pretty awesome. Narelax and his Nightmare's effect on Wailing Caverns and the Southern Barrens... Mankrik in Northern Barrens & Southern Barrens... Tony Two-Tusk in Northern Barrens & Thousand Needles... this is epic.

- quick break from Thousand Needles to finish off Dustwallow.

- herp derp. Apparently I managed to convince myself that a couple of quests were Alliance Only. Possibly because I've only done the Dustwallow Neutral Chains on 'Bre recently.

- Badabing, badabang, badaboom. 50 quests! Time to head back to Thousand Needles.

- there is a giant ass whale shark buried head first into the ground. It's dead, of course.

- 25 / 60 Quests in Thousand Needles. I just finished an entire chain that involved Tony and his ex-wife. The quest reward? The sword [ Alimony ]

- I'm surrounded by Highperch Pridelings! This is even cuter than the baby murlocs, for serious.

- "Look behind you! A mirror!"
"A mirror? How wonderful!" *turns around*
Good ol' Bloodelves.

- Gadgetzan expanded!

- Fiiiiiinally heading back to Desolace...

- Traveling by firestorm. This seems like such an AWESOME idea

- the drop rate on these scales/fins/bones is shit. I need to collect 54 items all together. Probably going to kill 150 of the damn naga.

- and now I am disguised as a naga.

- I... have to wonder if this was on purpose or not. One of the signs in Desolace reads "Awesome new cenarion hub!"

- Looks like the kill-all-the-centaur-for-rep quests are gone now.

- six quests short of getting the achievement for Desolace and I can't see straight anymore. My head is just pounding-- looks like I only got an extra hour out of my night ):
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Day three brings more delicious new content, as well as my attempt to get my Christmas shopping done. I know there's a bit more shopping left for me to do, but at least I got all the pieces for my crafty gifts.

There is also a big toothed monster laying under my chair, waiting dropped foods. Ichi my Ichi! You will have to do better than that to get my chips!

Before we start... Horde rep is 7237/12000 Honored.

- Back to Ashenvale I go! Got 43 quests to get the achievement, so I might as well :)

- why do Furbolg ears look like purple bat ear things?


- I earned an NPC's respect by being recockulously overpowered for this zone. I mean. Because I killed a dude he couldn't.

- goddamn but it's hard to see these arrows
- the collect / heal / kill trio of quests seems to be pretty standard these days

- I'm not sure why, but killing Ashenvale Skirmishers pulls the mob right to me. It's really awkward when I'm killing as I run

- "You don't look very tough."
I'm a priest, of course I don't. But pro-tip. I'm 61 levels higher than you.

- I'm driving a kodo while an NPC attacks things. Lazy person quest!

- man, why don't any of MY Kodos have lightning shock attacks?

- "Hi! My name's Uthil. We're going to be such good friends once you're dead." XD

- Hmm, I think there's some bugs here. The quest completer persons that are underground keep showing on my minimap as above ground until I'm standing on top of them. At which point it's like "lol i'm underground nuhb"
- that 'h' is on purpose.

- sweet, wowhead actually has information on the new quests.
- "Security!" is a pain in the ass quest.

- damn damn damn. 67/80 quests. No more ?s on my map of ashenvale... all I've got left is a delivery to Org. Guess I'll run that...
- at 69/80 now. Apparently the achievement is bugged? No one seems able to reach the mythical 80th quest. The highest I've seen is 74.


- I think they reduced the sparkle on quest items. I'm having way more difficulties than usual finding them.
- or maybe it's the fact that this ENTIRE RIVER GLOWS.

- Lyxan is abusing Hamboigahs. I really shouldn't encourage her.

- Eulogised Omusa Thunderhorn (the old Wind Rider Master in Camp T) and he... flew away on a ghostly wyvern. /clap

- AHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh my god, that is priceless! There's an "orc" wandering around, and when you reveal him for the spy he is he reverts to a human wearing an orc halloween mask XD

- I just noticed that the guards are saluting me as I enter towns and fortresses.

- Mankrik in Southern Barrens! I got the achievement for the zone, but I really want to do the rest of his questline. That will have to wait until tomorrow, though.

- Logged on to Razimskati. Just makin' stacks and stacks of leather. She's capped to 300, but that doesn't mean I can't use up all this stuff Nas has skinned.
- I have made three pieces of Thick Leather from a good ten stacks of Light Leather. Go me!

- Logging onto Ovan... damn, the BC loading screens look pretty damn epic now.
- sadness, none of my auctions sold.
- granted, I have 784 gold on a level 22 Hunter...

- Logging in to Rivendark (nelf drood) for the first time. New maps look cool.
- Bored now. (all I did was pick up one quest)

- Backtracking so I can get onto Octobre...
- ...okay, so I'm rolling a troll drood first. Vyragosa, after the dragon. I mean dude. I already have one named for a Black Dragon. A Blue Dragon is just... right.

- Logging in to Octobre...
- Moonglade's map is different. I didn't spend a whole lot of time up here so I'm not sure how different the zone is.
- FYI, Octobre is only level 45.

- Checkin' out Darkshore.
- Wow, that map is a beautiful/terrible thing. Wow.
- 90 Quests in Darkshore. I'll check them out later.
- Lor'danael looks pretty cool. Very reminiscent of Teldrassil, not-so-much of old!Darkshore.

And that's it for me tonight. I have other things to do (mostly artsy) and I don't want to be up until midnight tonight.

See you tomorrow!
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It's another new day! Time to pull up my adventuring socks (they're striped) and dig into the new content.

Current Achievement Points: 5160.
I'm second in my guild (Yonko is first, with 5840, Lyxan is third with 4725), but I have plans to beat out Yonko for the coveted first place!

Okay, maybe I'm the only one who covets it. THIS MEANS NOTHING. ONWARDS, NASTASSJA! TO GLORY!

- I like that it's telling me when my rep increases with the whole of the Horde.
- It does kinda suck that it doesn't show Horde rep on the rep pane. Hafta go to the Armory to find out that I'm at 2720/12000 Honored. +37 for that last quest makes... 2757. I've got a ways to go...

- pretty sure I missed a couple quests there. Oh well. I... don't really want to add that all together right now, so I'll update the numbers on tomorrow's post.

- Wolf Rescue time! The Razormane Quillboar have set the stables near the Durotar/Barrens border on fire.

- I kinda feel bad. There's a level 13 troll drood doing the same quests I am...
- so I buffed her.

- Kreenig chills in a cave now, instead of outside.

- caravan quest from farwatch to xroads. the lvl13 is standing there, so I'll let her run it while I go off and finish some other NBarrens quests.

- Southfury River Boat??

- Ratchet looks the same, just some added quests and new music.

- Oooo, the Inn in Ratchet is actually used for something now! I've always thought it would be good for RP, given how large it is, but no one ever stuck around Ratchet long enough... now there's a quest in there.

- Whoa, Merchant Coast has been taken over by the Alliance.
- dead alliance... someone's been questing here

- hahaha oh man, how many times did I kill Longshore for rep? Now he's a quest NPC.

- The great divide looks pretty damn awesome. Lyxan says it burns, so I'm not going to levitate down it. But man oh man...

- Verog is now summoned by killing his woman.

- Sunscale nests have moved. This should be totally obvious, since the last place they were has been taken over by MOLTEN ROCK. The nests are now where Stolen Silver box used to be.

- using Shadow Word: Death to kill things for quests. Apparently it doesn't kill fast enough, as my target just charged me despite dying before it could even target me.

- Stolen Silver is now up on the bluff overlooking Ratchet.


- ...bwahahahahahahahahahaha oh god. I wonder what this quest would do if I was on one of my undead? Since it tells me that I need to consider where my loyalties lie... with the warchief or the forsaken. NAS USED TO BE UNDEAD :Db

- the treasurer is named GLOMP?!


- oh hey, now I know what the boat is for. Bliz's new answer to fed-ex quests: driving you their themselves. Catching the boat leads me to... hey driver, don't say things like "This is where you'd expect something to go wrong on a beautiful trip like this."

- Sputtervalve moved fro Ratchet to Nozzlepot's Outpost. Much closer to the Samophlange.

- Sweet! I'm friendly with Booty Bay again!

- ...go back to do the caravan, and a level 14 troll drood just started it

- at 55/70 quests in Northern Barrens. It's been 2.5 hours.

- damn, Yonko just got 10 more points...

- oh THERE'S Mankrik.
- He's at Grol'dom Farm.
- only 30 tusks? Has your quest of genocide really killed off that many of them...?

- so I totally didn't need to wait for others doing the caravan quests. It's not like it used to be, this spawned a vehicle for me to ride and shoot from.

- new quest-mob, Tortusk. Wanders the camp where Kreenig used to chill. Ridin' a raptor named "Fez". heh.

- Just shy of three hours, and bam! Completed Northern Barrens Quests

- Time to try something ALL NEW!!
- Flyin' to Stonetalon. Only need 40 quests for the achievement.

- So many interesting new things seen in the fly-over! A couple quest givers among them ;)

- Wow, all the old quest givers in Sun Rock Retreat are gone. Even the old guy with the elemental on the hill is gone.

- Shades of the Highbourne!
- they have such interesting conversations...

- the charred vale is on fire. And filled with dragons.
- the water bubbles and boils where the lava meets it. It's awesome!

- ...there are tentacles comin' up out of the ground on the mountain peak.

- so far I have found 0 quests.
- I'm tired of hunting for quests.
- To Ashenvale!

- Zoram'gar is FORTIFIED. And it deserves the caps. Metal walls and spikes! That tiny little camp grew up!
- apparently it's a shipyard now? there is a half finished ship berthed
- oooo a light house~

- Let's Clear Blackfathom Depths!
- Starting Rep (Bilgewater Cartel) : 4836/6000 Friendly

- Skittering Crustaceans give rep, so don't forget to kill them!
- Ghamoo-Ra did not give any rep :(
- but the Aku'mai Fishers do!
- Gelihast did not give any rep
- heh, ran out of room in my bags.
- Old Serra'kis gives 60 rep!
- Kelris only gave 3 rep, but all the summoned beasts in the next step gave rep, too.

- Full Clear! Finished : 5513/6000 Friendly
- That's 677 Rep.
- Time to hand in those quests.

- lookin' at my stats. I've completed 4478 Quests
- now it's 4483.

- Tentacles in Ashenvale! Marcy gets around.

- hahaha I get to bomb Astranaar XD

- AHA! I have found my "in" into Stonetalon!


- I... I... what?
"Frightened Peon says: Oof! You touch naughty spot!"

- Malaka'jin grew up, too! It's not fortified, but there's more there. And a flightpath.

- Stonetalon is definitely designed to be a PvP zone. Not many people here now, but it's only day two.

- ...okay I kinda like Garrosh right now.
- He "relieved" a dude of duty by throwing him off a cliff. Which is not why I like him.
- Go do the Stonetalon/Krom'gar Army Quest line RIGHT NOW. It almost redeems him.

- I'm at 5999/6000 Friendly with Bilgewater Cartel right now.

Started the major Desolace quest line. I wonder where this one will lead me? Well, that's better left for tomorrow, as I don't want to start getting involved in a long line when I have to be up before the sun. So a quick run down of tomorrow's goals:

Continue (Finish?) Desolace.
Finish Ashenvale.
Start Southern Barrens.
Hope the maitenance/rolling restarts tonight will pop my dungeon quest achievement. I've done like... seven of them. And yet no achievement. I am a sad troll. Sad troll in snow.

Should probably log on to Octobre and see what's the what on the Alliance side of things.
Get Khyte to level 72. Maybe.

Night all!


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The Scryers

Nastassja - 6475 ap
- Skinning/Tailoring
- 35 Reps @ Exalted
- Scryers (13015/R)
- Oracles (12201/R)
- Hyjal (5878/R)
- Therazane (7630/R)
- DMC (10562/H)
- Ramkahen (4405/H)
- Ashtongue (1161/H)
- Keepers (6855/R)
- Violet Eye (9120/R)

- Herbs/Alchemist

- Miner/Blacksmith

- Skinning/Leather

- Leather/Enchanting

- Mining/Engineering

- Herbalist/Inscription


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