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woke up at almost 11 today.

- logged in to having JUST MISSED Tol Barad.
- on the upside, I haven't missed my chance at 1800 honor.

- TBP dailies and queued for bgs
- today just feels like a PvP day.

- Lost AB, on account of no D
- oh well

- won Tol Barad on attack.
- it didn't take very long, so I'm wondering if they think we'll do a wintrade.
- Horde on Scryers doesn't wintrade, you'd think they'd understand that by now.

- at 98 commendations now
- Almost halfway to my drake!
- also hit Revered with Hellscream's Reach

- gonna spend some time on Khyte now

- Khyte is now two bubbles from 73.
- back on Nas, TB pops in 20.
- I am now of an appropriate gear level to run some heroics... only it's in pvp gear
- running heroics in pvp gear is a bad idea.

- lost Tol Barad.
- not unexpected when you have wintrade 'tard at the helm

- and now I am running around on a human huntard named feindeth
- no, I don't really know why
- blame Lyxan

- Won Tol Barad back.
- so now I get two pieces of low end PvP gear today
- that makes three in total

- so I really don't care about getting honor at this point. What I want are commendations.

- working on [ The Limnologist ] and [ The Oceanographer ] right now
- almost got all the Northrend fish
- all Northrend ocean fish down
- also doing Northrend Gourmet (30)
- at 22 recipes cooked
- stuck at 23, since I don't have any more of the recipes on the list. Guess I'll have to do the dalaran cooking daily for awhile.

- alright, all Northrend freshwater fish done

- TB popped. And we lost it in minutes.
- seems like the wintraders are in charge today.

- I am on PvP fire tonight!
- won AV and IoC
- we lost BfG, but still netted a nice chunk of honor out of it

- lost SotA, but I did destroy a gate, so yay :D

- attacking TB. Failed.
- god some people are dumb.

(once again forgot to post before bed)


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The Scryers

Nastassja - 6475 ap
- Skinning/Tailoring
- 35 Reps @ Exalted
- Scryers (13015/R)
- Oracles (12201/R)
- Hyjal (5878/R)
- Therazane (7630/R)
- DMC (10562/H)
- Ramkahen (4405/H)
- Ashtongue (1161/H)
- Keepers (6855/R)
- Violet Eye (9120/R)

- Herbs/Alchemist

- Miner/Blacksmith

- Skinning/Leather

- Leather/Enchanting

- Mining/Engineering

- Herbalist/Inscription


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