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Hey everyone!
okay, so it's doubtful anyone is reading this, but I can pretend.

So while I haven't posted anything in a few days, I have played. Some. Kinda. I've been very tired recently, okay? And there's also the fact that my laptop has been dying even harder than before.

But there is good news to be had! I HAVE MY NEW COMPUTER!
In fact, I am posting from it right now as I wait for 4.0.3 to finish patching. Isn't this GRAND?!

haha. Anyways, it was a damn good thing that I got my dad to come with me to pick it up. The impression I'd gotten from all the stores I'd visited while considering what computer to buy was that the tower would be fairly compact. This was so not true. It's about the same length as the width of the couch I'm currently sitting on, and a good foot and a half high. There is no way I would have been able to carry the box it came in all by my lonesome.

The next thing I need to get is a new monitor. I've been using a widescreen monitor for four or five years now, so this big square thing just seems awkward. Not to mention it's actually pretty old and the pixels are going in some places. This shouldn't cause a problem for video-taking or making, it's just like... hazy blurry spots here and there.

and while I know the first thing I should have done was to install my antivirus programs, the first thing I did was install vegas. Followed by starting the cataclysm install (the computer came with up to the last wrath patch installed), and THEN my antivirus programs. Don't you love my priorities? :p

Anyways, I do have warcraft up on my laptop right now, since it's going to be a bit before I can play it on this system, so I'll get down to business.

- Achievements gained over the last few days: [ 35 Exalted Reputations ], [ Emerald Void ], [ Amber Void ], [ Grand Ice Mammoth ]

- that means I did, indeed, get Lower City rep up to Exalted
- and I made 8k gold to buy a mammoth
- then there was the whole "destroying my toe" thing that stopped me from getting any more achievements on tuesday
- it's hard to raid, even them easy wrath heroics, when you've been bleeding for ten minutes and it's all you can think about.

- so, 94 mounts are mine.
- now to figure out which one to go after next...

- Guild reputation is sitting at a cool 200 from Revered
- a few more dailies and I'll be a Veteran of omgbrb
- oh, and omgbrb is now a level 7 guild.

- wtf?
- so someone comes running up while I'm doing Glop, Son of Glop, and attacks. That's cool, this quest is designed with that in mind.
- But...
- Glop despawned
- I go running back and Norsala has already respawned. Not only respawned, but been set off on the quest, and Glop is already off and running.
- thankfully, when I tagged in on Glop he didn't despawn but that was just weird.

- booyah! Revered with the guild.

- time to dig in and do some Keepers of Time reputation.
- only need Keepers, Dragonmaw, and Earthen Ring to get the guild achievement [ Dungeon Diplomat ]
- and I know Lyx/Mad will get Dragonmaw and Earthen Ring before me.

- or maybe I'll just run around killing critters for awhile. We're sitting at 18924/50000 for [ Critter Kill Squad ]

- apparently I am doing neither, as I am running off to do low level quests.
- and now I'm doing archaeology

- aw yeah, I got my new computer set up and I am dual boxin' the way I've always wanted too.
- without glitches.

- gonna take some getting used to with this keyboard, though.

- and then I went to go rescue my mother from the snow and cold. 2 hours of driving later, and I get home just in time to do some raiding.

- Killed Sarth
- Killed Kael'thas
- took some video for "Black Temple"

- got archaeology up to 525

- drank 3 beer

- I think I'm good for the night. Time to work on customizing the new computer a bit more.
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